Scanner Darkly - Orca's Heart

soundcloud set

when i develop firmware, in addition to basic functionality testing i like to jam with it - there are certain things you won’t capture or be able to anticipate until you actually try and make music with it. not just to make sure it works, but because listening to your hacky code can push you in directions you could not see otherwise.

these recordings are the result of testing the multipass version of orca’s heart. my studio is limited to a dining table right now, so i used a very small setup for testing - mannequins just friends / roland 521 filter / demora delay. the truth is, just friends is such an amazing sound source you don’t really need much processing - just enough to let it bloom.

another reason to use just friends was to see how orca’s heart handles multiple complimentary sequences. there are 6 voices in each one of these recordings, 3 are panned left and 3 are panned right for some stereo interplay. everything recorded in one take, with me tweaking various sound parameters and orca’s settings and mod matrixes. everything is sequenced by orca’s heart.

this release is dedicated to the three southern resident killer whales pods - J, K and L, part of the pacific northwest coast’s identity and perhaps one of the most heartbreaking examples of the damage we humans inflict.