Scenery (m4l) 🏞


Long-form sample player for adding atmosphere and texture – ocean waves, bird chirps, spoken word, stuff you don’t want to repeat in your 4 bar loop

Adding a bit of ambience – bird chirps, street noise, airport chatter, ocean waves – is a rather underrated and effective method for adding interest to sparse music without having to add additional parts or unnecessary variation. It’s just tedious enough to set up an independently pitched and stretched looping long sample in Live to not even bother, but that’s not the case anymore: Scenery is purpose-built for playing “background sound” in your Live project as quickly as possible, transporting yourself and your music to new inspirational environments with a mouse click.

What it is : A simple sampler for playing “non-musical” background/atmospheric sounds.

Why it is : I loved the Radio Music in my Eurorack case. It made sparse patterns and sound more intriguing, setting them in a context and drawing the ear towards the setting the evoke. I found this hard to achieve in Live – you don’t want a 4 bar of ambience to loop with the 4 bars of your arrangement you’re working on. You don’t want your ambience to warp to Live’s clock. You don’t to click through settings and play a clip in Session while your Arrangement plays. Or, at least, I didn’t… And so we have this little player for ambience.

I also recorded several videos to show off the use of the device:


Live Suite, or Max for Live


User Guide


v1.0.0 - Download via Dropbox (free)
v1.0.0 - Download via device page (pay + donation)
Free field recordings for use with Scenery


this looks incredibly helpful and simple!


Love this! Not sure why I missed this but I’m glad it’s been bumped!

Btw, what was that sweet iPad synth you’re using?

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looks like it’s Bloom. which is the Brian Eno app.


I saw the post here with the free link, but have decided to pay for some of your new stuff. You helped me out awhile ago when all your packs I downloaded had gotten encrypted from a virus. I emailed you about the situation, and you replied with a pack of everything I had purchased, gotten free, and some extra goodies.

Thanks again, and keep up the amazing work!


Yes, that is indeed Bloom! It’s a rather fun companion to play against when opportunities to jam with IRL humans are thin (like now) or when you need some good-sounding music quickly (like here).

Definitely worth checking out!

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Thanks so much, means an awful lot!


I’ve started a new series of atmospheric field recordings specifically for use with this device. I used an ambisonic mic to create an excellent and immersive stereo image. Think this is a library I’m going to continue to add to and build up to help get the most out of Scenery.



Thanks for the samples. They sound magnificent.


Is it possible to get under the hood and disable the default attenuation and expose the filter lp/hp dials?

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I love this idea. I would love to see the ability to drag samples into it as apposed to using folders!

I find ambient music difficult to make in ableton as I often like using an asynchronous melodic loops as a method of composition. Your M4L patch would work perfectly for this if it was possible to simply drag an audio file into it as apposed to having it select files from a folder. While technically i could still do this; it loses the immediacy of playing around with a sound on the timeline and being able to consolidate it; and then chuck it in to scenery

With this simple tweak you could kill my need for external samplers!

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This would be fantastic!

I’m trying to use this but the samples just loop without changing.

I’ve used it before with short samples and it gets stuck with random speed but these are samples of a few seconds.

I’m needing to tap the on the sample name top left to progress to another sample. Wondering…could this be midi mapped any way, it’s actually a great way to play it?

Am I just being dumb?

this is amazing because I could’ve written that description myself. thanks a lot