Schiit Happened: Business anecdotes from the music tech world

An often hilarious account of the coming into being of Schiit Audio as presented by one of it’s founders Jason Stoddard. @tehn put me onto this a few months back and it has been a joy to read all the way through, but even moreso has presented a great deal of interesting concepts and ‘aha’ moments that at once feel familiar and scary.

Highly recommended reading for anyone currently running a small business in any niche market, or thinking about starting one, or just interested in understanding a little more about tiny business in general. It’s full of tough lessons you can try and internalize (but will likely make the same mistakes regardless), plus enough funny moments to keep it engaging throughout.

The first half of the book is heavier on the business lessons, so I’d only suggest to read on if you’re grabbed by the story (like me).

PDF: schiithappened-2014-11-12.pdf
Compiled from this head-fi thread.


Hah, pretty great! Just recently stumbled across Schiit while looking for a compact active pre-amp. Navigating the Amazon reviews took a while b/c of all the schiit.

no luck with that pdf link here, does it still work?

Try this link, unless Discourse rewrites it, or!RU0SVD5I!9Dn7tK_tXDvjoRCfJ7vV5JFn43-lu1avhxivLnbMWqE

I just finished this – pretty great.

Thanks @bens - got it.

iPad / Safari on the Mac don’t like that mega service much.

The mega server says it’s no longer available.

Anyone have the pdf they’d be willing to share?

This could be interesting for my music tech in the marketplace class…

From the Schiit website: Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up | Headphone Reviews and Discussion -

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He installed Philip K. Dick’s stereo systems.

You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention