Scope of Items to be Listed in Trade

the pinned ‘about the trade category’ post has a lot of great details and rules for the forum, but it doesn’t appear to cover its scope. was that intentional? is it/should it be limited to music equipment? anecdotally it appears to be almost entirely music equipment. i don’t want to open pandora’s box here, but would things like records and tapes be off limits?


I would personally be interested in trading records, tapes, and CDs.


While I am in favour of lines remaining first and foremost for community, with commerce being a distinct lower priority, one of the most important aspects of a thriving community is a market, run by and for the community itself. To me, it’s essential and inseparable that a marketplace be a part of such a thing as lines, and while I understand people’s concerns with capitalism and GAS and emphases on material possessions, it’s also far better for the environment and for ourselves that we trade with each other and build connections, trust, and save resources collectively.

Thus, I’m all for the enlargement of the possible things that could be traded to reflect anything that is relevant to the nature of this community. I think there are clearly gray areas in what that could include (does a quality espresso machine count? how about a cheap one?), but if we’re all considerate, thoughtful individuals and continue to have honest and transparent discussion about it, erring on the side of being more accepting of different items and ideas will probably serve this community well.


i agree on both points. i wholeheartedly agree with the recent changes to discourage GAS, but non-gear trading may not really count as GAS? i guess i was wondering if it should happen here and if so, how? i don’t personally feel strongly for or against an expanded trade scope, just looking for some clarity.

i’d welcome some moderator feedback on this topic!

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I’m the most junior mod, so this is just a regular-level opinion:
I’ve often wondered about this myself. I would love if we found an approach to non-gear sales + trade that was uniquely lines.

the shifts in the Trade category weren’t GAS-specific – there were also considerations around how a constantly regenerating scroll of FS/FT threads would appear to someone who was visiting for the first time. how it’d make them feel about joining the conversations. whether they’d even get to them.

that said, I have more tapes/books/records than I have time, but I also have only kept this stuff around because I love their contents. it’d be rad to be able to pass some along to other folks in the community, like we would if we all lived in a small town and went to shows at the VFW.

I’d love to brainstorm ways to elevate it beyond “here’s a buncha tapes I wanna offload.” should there be a required blurb with any single item that’s posted, a la Books! What are you currently reading or just finished? ? that way, someone will likely only be able to thoughtfully post a few items at a time.

to avoid the “new post for each item” approach that sometimes happens, should anyone who wants to sell start a thread for their collection, so it’s all contained? that way, these sales would have a curatorial element that feels pretty lines-y.

from a “looking for” side, I also am jazzed about the idea of being able to ask if anyone has a copy of _____ that they’d be willing to part with.

if we open this up, does ‘Trade’ still work as a catch-all? or are there folks who wouldn’t want to see any gear trades, but might want to see postings for books? maybe tags would help? is that granularity helpful? edit: tytyty @jasonw22 for pointing out that the Trade pin says one active trade post…this would be my preferred approach.

either way, I have a second copy of the Wild Card tape that could use a good home :wink:


I really like the guideline of one trade post per member described in the pinned Trade post. Put your books and recordings in the same post as your gear, I’d say.


i am no mod and sometimes intermittent in my posting here but this is the only online community i call my own and have done so for years. actually i don’t even know why i’m qualifying my opinion as it is just that but… here goes… wait for it…lol… i love the idea of random stuff being available. much cooler than euro modules imo.


I’m also all for people buying/selling whatever they want that they think will be interesting to this community.

One thread per member seems good, just mix all your stuff together.


As a side note, I appreciate that change. I recently had a thread up in Trade and each edit to my post bumped it to the top of the latest feed, which I felt seemed more intrusive than I wanted it to be.

I really like the idea of trading books, tapes, records, and anything else that allows people to further explore and discuss ideas together here. That said, I wonder what would be the ideal guidance to give to new members to make clear that this isn’t just a tiny craigslist.

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“Keep it relevant to the spirit of the community” would be a good first start, possibly with some suggestions for what we’re clearly comfortable and, if we find examples, not comfortable with, and let people suss it out as it goes? I mean, you have to be a regular member to post there anyway, so by then hopefully you’ll have some sense for what’s going on here.