Screen problems (solved)

Hello everyone
I’m new in the monome community, in fact I’ve just purchased a factory Norns from 3/4 days
Strange behavior today. I was running a keyboard trough the audio stereo in. Since I was using greyhole app, nothing wrong happened. Then I switched to loom, to enjoy some shimmering and the screen it started to glitch and then became all black, with the patch still running.
I’m not able to switch off norns because the screen didn’t show nothing at all.
Please help if u can :slight_smile:
Many thank in advance

press (and hold) K3 + K2 + K1 (in that order) for ten seconds. that will reboot norns.

or go to maiden an enter ;restart

Do I have to press 10 sec each
or starting to press from k3 for 10 seconds?

start with K3 (hold) add K2 (continue holding both) add K1 (continue holding all three) wait for 10 secs.

Did that but it do not work as hoped.
Still black screen, can’t find if it’s on or off
Can try the maiden way but since I got Norns just from 2 days I just gave a random run of the apps already installed here but haven’t yet run the maiden-WiFi-norns connection. Do not know how to do it with blackened screen now :frowning:

there is a white button on the bottom of the case although it’s not recommended to use for restarts this might be your only way out… it’s like pulling the power cable from a computer while it’s running, might result in issues (i’ve done it a few times with no problems though).

It worked :smiley:
Thank u soooo much!