Script suggestions- sequencers with midi / crow


Hope some one can give me some hints on scripts for my norns (fates)

I have been cheking out the growing norns script catalogue and been trying quite a few scripts this last few days, but im kind of overwhelmed by the amount of scripts available.

I know there are tags on the library, but maybe someone can point me out, or make some suggestions upon their personal experience.

Im mainly looking for sequencers, that can output midi and / or cv via crow. Midi clock slaving is pretty much mandatory since i integrate my norns in a bigger setup and im still struggling with crow slaving to clock (clock & reset ala ansible)

So far im really enjoying these as they tick all the boxes:

-less concepts

Looking forward to hearing your recommendations, please dont take this as a lazy question, there are so many scripts! I would like to learn a few well, like i did with kria (which im still learning every other day)

Thanks monome!