ScuttleButt questions

Hello all, I know there are a few ScuttleButt users here (actually, I’m pretty sure it was one of the social media threads here which put me on to it!) and after finally having gotten around to setting it up after a few months of good intentions, I had some questions with the documentation does not explain entirely clearly (at least not for me!).

I get the idea of connecting locally over a wifi account as a way of “catching up”, and I love this concept, but how does this work for people who you are unlikely to cross wifi paths with anytime soon? For example, I have a friend called “Bruce” who lives in Berlin, and I totally want to get social networking with him!

I get that pubs work as general intermediates between many profiles, but given that you are advised to join different pubs at random, doesn’t that mean we are likely to end up connected to different pubs? Or should we make an effort to join the same pub? Or are all the pubs joined so that you can never be more than two steps away from anyone? Or can I just use their direct private key in a way that I haven’t come across to target them directly?

Anyway, so far it is great - and kind of fun after fully ditching facebook, twitter etc years ago. Of course at the moment I am in a weird space where I am starting to post, but I am not connected to anyone, so it is essentially private, but I have to keep in my mind that the posts are intended to be shared publicly at some point!


I don’t have any answers but I’m posting basically to bump the thread and also register my interest. I started a mastodon server recently and that’s been fun to explore but I’m curious about scuttlebutt as well. I don’t fully understand it but I like that it seems to be offline-focused.

I’d love to adjust my general workflow to a point where I’m mostly offline (at least nights & weekends) and just tether to my dumbphone once in a while to sync up with email, etc… scuttlebutt seems designed for that sort of usage?

You don’t have to be on the same pub, you can connect directly, and then you’ll also be able to see all of that person’s other connections. Pubs are more like a town square where posts can be read by anyone.