Sea of Clouds, an audio-visual album released on VHS

Hello, today I’ve released an album that was the result of a collaboration between myself (on a modular system) and a friend who makes analog video art:

Sea of Clouds

"Sea of Clouds is a long form audio video piece inspired by the spirit of the German Kosmische movement. It weaves themes of togetherness, warmth, and memory through sound and imagery both faded and lived in, familiar and universal. It was created over the course of a long winter, refined as a weekly collaborative practice with the intention of defraying some of the darkness and anxiety brought on by social media and the political climate.

It was originally presented as an installation/live performance at the White Page gallery in Minneapolis on July 27, 2019. We made the recorded edition in the weeks following the performance as a document of the work, and also to share it with a wider audience."

We decided to do a very limited run physical edition on VHS, and may release a digital download if the tapes sell out. I never thought my first physical release would be a VHS, but here we are :laughing:.
Glad to share this with you all.


Love the aesthetics and the idea. Am on phone at the moment, but will definitely check the album out when I get the chance. (And would love a way to see the video. I don’t have a VHS machine any more, but am v.interested in video modular synthesis.)

Dang! Looks like the VHS is already sold out. That’s probably good for me since I was tempted but don’t have a working VHS player haha.

Yeah, it went pretty quick! If you purchase the album you will be emailed a link to download the video if you want to check it out.

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Thank you. Yes it was pretty therapeutic to meet up twice a week and work on something for a few hours at a time and hold each other accountable to keep working on it!

Got a couple of minutes in and hit the buy button. V. nice.

Thank you very much, I appreciate that! Let me know if you want more info about the visuals. All I remember is that my friend used an LZX-based modular, a vintage tube video camera for feedback, and a digital microscope.

gorgeous! (and damb those VHSs sold out fast though - missed my chance, ha!)

Thank you! We may do another run of VHS in the near future, so I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, if you do buy the soundtrack you get a link to download the video file too.

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ah nice + super cool all above (and yes please do/will keep an eye out for sure re: second run!)

Watched this yesterday on a projector in a darkened room, which was a lovely way to spend a Sunday. Really fantastic work by both of you.

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Thank you, glad to hear you enjoyed it! And also thanks for your support.