Seafields [Dronarivm]


I just want to start off by saying that I’ve been a (not entirely deep) Norns user for about a year now. I’ve used the community discussions and resources to some degree to help me navigate the basics of Norns and the scripts made available by you all. Truly I’m a little in awe of this community and have always felt a little intimidated - by hey, that’s my issue and nothing to do with anything I’ve ever experienced in the community. Basically I’m the outsider looking in, with all the insecurities an outsider usually feels.

I recently released an album via the label Dronarivm called Seafields. On a fair few of the tracks the Norns and namely the Compass, Bounds, Awake and Rebounds scripts were used to create compositional elements. It’s provided me a continuous source of inspiration and I just wanted to say thank you to the community for the work you put in to developing these ideas.

If you’d like to hear the album it can be found at either or

Many thanks for all you do. Greig.


It’s a great release, Greig, congrats!


Cheers Nathan. Mate, your latest. Jesus! :joy: Talk about awe-inspiring. My God! :rofl: What a feat. maximum respect.

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Congratulations! Listened to one song and enjoyed it very much. Will make it the soundtrack to my weekend. Lovely artwork and packaging too!

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Thank you so much. Hope it doesn’t spoil your weekend :laughing:

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First track already sounding really nice!

And the cover photo and project name are wonderful!

Thanks for sharing, and please don’t feel anything other than welcome :pray:t2:

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Thank you eblomquist :pray: :raised_hands:

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Loving this record. one of your best so far, Greig!

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Thanks Andrew. Your work is inspiring as always. Congratulations on your Seil release. Hope the Octatrack is treating you well.

Listening to the first couple of tracks and they are wonderful. The production is top-notch! Added to my wishlist so I can listen to it all. Nice work and thank you for sharing!

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Thank you Zeke. Very kind of you.

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