Seattle - Leash / Housekeys / Bit Graves (full norns set) - August 22

Hi lines,

Some of us are playing a show next week at Vermillion, on capitol hill in Seattle.

I’ll be performing as part of a duo called bit graves, and our entire set will use a norns to live-process some other gear. We’ll be using a handful of homemade norns engines.

Leash (@jrdnrndl) will be creating ambient moods with a modular rig.

Housekeys isn’t on this forum as far as I know. Their set promises to also be rad!

The show is free, hope to see you there :slight_smile:

Event link:


This looks awesome, I would suggest creating a library entry for these new toys! Hope the gig goes well!

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Great to see other Seattle Norns folks! Ill definitely try to make it out.


Very excited to play this! Can’t wait to see what @terribleben has cooked up for Norns. Also eager to explore some outer territories with my machines. @Whatwetalkabout hope to see you there.

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Hey Seattle! Wish I could make the event but I’m back in Los Angeles. Just checked out DAEDELUS before he moves out east to teach music. Like you he used a live production set. Anyway, Let us know how that event goes. :v:t2:

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hey, not in Seattle but just wanted to say I added these engines/scripts to norns tonight to try out and ended up jamming for hours (just bass guitar). stux sounds especially good in this usage. :v:

hope the show went well


Hey folks, late update here but we just uploaded the set we played at this event. Many thanks to those who came through. We had a blast!

Everything in this recording is a Norns liveprocessing a MS-20 mini. Music is here:

@speakerdamage, that is super cool that you checked out the patches. Would love to hear anything you made, or end up making with them!

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