Seattle Music Machine Salon, videos of talks online

We keep doing this Seattle Music Machine Salon on the first Friday of every month. Often we have a format where one person presents for an hour or so and then we have open discussion for another hour or so. When there’s no presentation we have an open show-n-tell style meeting and just faff around with whatever gear people bring. That seems to be what’s happening this Friday April 7. Ada’s Technical Books, Seattle, 7–9pm.

We try to get the talks recorded when we have them and so far we’ve do it three times. They’re on the YouTube! We have a channel:

So far we have:

  • me, a speculative talk about biologically-inspired computer music
  • Chloe Harris, AKA Raica, talking about her performance setup and methods
  • Dr. Andrew Schloss, on the history of the Boie/Mathews radiodrum and his work with it.

If you’re ever in Seattle on a first Friday, please stop by. If you have a talk you would like to give, better still. You can email me or join the SMMS Google group to set one up: