Seattle - patchwerks signals 2018 event april 15

patchwerks is organizing another synth meet in seattle on sunday july 16th 11:30am - 4:30pm. they always do a great job with their events, and it’s at a really awesome space on capitol hill.

i’m planning to bring my isms case with some monome modules and will be showing some stuff i’ve been working on for teletype.

more info:

Substantial 900 E Pine


Nice. I didn’t realize you were located in Seattle.

only every 2nd weekend :slight_smile: i’m in vancouver, canada but my partner lives in edmonds, wa, so we usually alternate our weekends between vancouver and edmonds/seattle area. which is a good way to get best of both worlds (and 4 hour bus trips are great for writing firmware…)


Oh nice! I’m playing some shows this August as part of a trio called Wild Card (with Strategy and William Selman) with High Plains (loscil’s new project) we are playing Portland, Seattle, Anacortes + Vancouver… hopefully I’ll see you at one (or more :wink:) of those shows


i’ll be in seattle that weekend, getting in too late to attend the seattle show but will try to make the vancouver one on the following sunday!

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patchwerks is hosting another synth meet in seattle on sunday april 15th. i’m planning on bringing a small system showing the grid teletype integration, if anybody wants to check it out or just say hi.

here is the fb link, reposting it here as well if you’d like to avoid fb:

Patchwerks Presents: Signals 2018
Sunday April 15 1-6 PM
Melrose Market Studios
1532 Minor Ave, Seattle, Washington 98101

Join us Sunday April 15, 2018 from 1-6 PM at Melrose Market Studios for an afternoon of exploration and networking with fellow synthesizer enthusiasts! Try out some vintage gear, check out the latest products from Korg, Roland, and others, and share ideas and techniques for creating exciting new sounds. We will have a large space for tables and exciting product demonstrations for this event, so feel free to reserve a table if you would like to bring some gear to demo. Everyone is welcome!

For those of you bringing gear, feel free to arrive between noon and 1 PM for setup. Headphones or a small set of speakers are recommended. Also we will provide a single power source for your setup but it would be great if everyone could bring their own power strip. We will have someone at the front door to check you in. Click the link below and enter your information to reserve your table!

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Sweet! I was hoping someone there would have a Teletype. I’ll be there!

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Jumping on this thread as I’ll be in Seattle briefly in August.

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I live in Seattle, so I’ll try and make it! :relaxed:

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if you’re interested, check out patchwerks store while you’re in seattle, it’s tiny but a lovely store and they have nice selection of eurorack and various other gear (and some used stuff as well, they had a 303 recently). and if you want to grab a beer let me know! (although it might not work out schedule wise as i’m only in washington state on some weekends, unless you’re planning on stopping in vancouver as well -the canadian one that is). there are so many other places to see in and around seattle, of course!

you’ll recognize me since i’ll likely be the only person with monome grid, if past events are any indication :slight_smile: i’ll also have er-301 with me so you can check it out in person.

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I was actually thinking about bringing mine, but I figure I should put in more than a week with it, before I go trying to show it off. Will definitely swing by your table.

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Awesome! Just moved back to Washington, so I’ll definitely be checking this out.

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Getting my dates for August together now, would definitely love to catch up for a beer.

I’ve got my own monome / er-301 rig that I might be bringing. Haven’t decided yet, might want to be travelling light.


Heck yeah! I’ll be there! I haven’t really engaged with the local community since moving here to Seattle in November, but I look forward to it. Especially knowing some fellow lines members are in the mix!


I was planning on going anyway, so I’ll be sure to say hello!

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quick reminder - the synth meet is this weekend!

i’m bringing a small “no patch cables” system with er-301 / teletype / just friends / grid / faderbank. i’ll have some new stuff to show for grid/tt integration (grid control mode).


Sweet. will be cool to see the faderbank prototypes IRL.

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i will be there ! im excited to see the 16n irl.

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I moved to Seattle a few months ago and this is literally walking distance from my house! Looking fwd to seeing everyone there! Patchwerks peeps are awesome. I went to a local max spectral processing event there last weekend, and they’ve kinda gotten me into eurorack DIY :joy:


I may bring along my grayscale 128 grid in case i get a chance to see how a non-varibright grid plays with monome modules