Seattle - patchwerks signals 2018 event april 15


@scanner_darkly it was great meeting you! Thank you for the sound computer tour and letting my daughter unleash walls of noise with the faderbank.


Just stopped in for a bit earlier & played with a few things, what a cool event!


Signals was great. I didn’t stay long, but thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyones gear. Thank you @scanner_darkly for showing me your work on the Teletype/Grid integration. Very cool. Can’t wait to get my grid in. Still need to order a Teletype.


Dangit. Really wanted to stop by! Had a trip out in Cle Elum this weekend and couldn’t get back in time. womp Looking forward to the next hang!


I got there at 5:30 and most everyone had packed out. Makes sense, but I’m sorry to have missed everyone! Womp womp. Next time!


it was great to meet so many lines folks in person!

great event as always, wish i had more time to check out other tables. a lot of people asked about faderbank - i think more than people who asked about grid/teletype/er-301 actually! one of favourite moments - a guy didn’t know about monome, asked some questions, @tehn’s name came up, he says “brian crabtree? i work with him, didn’t know he was into this stuff”. turns out it was a different brian crabtree. what are the chances!


It was so nice meeting you and seeing all the new features!!! thanks again for being so generous with your time and knowledge :blue_heart: