Seattle, WA, USA. Looking for Musicians/Producers/DJs from n00b to pro

Hello all.

Just seeing who is around. I have a few opportunities for people currently gigging, touring, or visiting. I just started booking for The Crocodile in the Back Bar. If you aren’t really at that level yet, I can help you get started. Currently I also run sound at a bunch of venues, so I can help to streamline your live setups… I am also looking to start a few meet ups on various topics. As well as just some general collaboration and networking locally.


I don’t live in Seattle anymore, but that’s very friendly of you to offer the community. :slight_smile:

Tyelr, hey!

I’m in Seattle and I play out a lot with various different projects. I’ve done a lot of different stuff over the years. Would love to chat!

Hi, wanted to say hello, I’m in Seattle too these days. Not really looking to do shows or anything just thought I’d say hey :slight_smile:


Message me a few links and we can go from there!

Hey.If you ever want to , or know anyone who does. Hit me up. I’m also down to try to get together a few synth meetups or something.

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You might be interested in the Seattle Machine Music Salon:

A monthly meeting to discuss electronic music and tools and culture. First Friday evenings at Ada’s Technical Books. Madrona Labs and Patchwerks folks are usually there. It’s a diverse and thoughtful group.

More info on Patchwerks: and they’re putting on an exciting event tonight.


Cool will definitely have to swing by the crocodile sometime!

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I used to live right by there. SO sad I am missing out!

Might have to start taking first Fridays off.We’ll see. Fridays are kind of important in my line of work.

Hi Tyler,
My name is Paul and I live and play out (not frequently as my job keeps me busy) in Seattle. I’ve been wanting to meet other musicians in the area so thanks for sending a message about your space.
Below are some links to my work.
YT =
Soundcloud =

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Sure. Anytime. I’m trying to increase the caliber, variety, and frequency of performances in the Back Bar. Hopefully there will be a lot of good shows soon.

in seattle every 2nd weekend usually (long distance relationship), would love to check out some performance, schedule permitting. a synth meet would also be great (esp if monome dedicated).

and +1 on the patchwerks events, the first meet was great, couldn’t make the 2nd one but will do my best to attend the upcoming one in august.

@Quasi - love your videos. didn’t realize you’re seattle based.

That’s awesome that you’re out here so much. I’d love to catch a beer with you and geek out about music (I’m also a big fan of your work). Let me know when you have the time.

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Yeah. Maybe I’ll try to get one in on on a Sunday when you are here. I am trying to get it started maybe by next month. Definitely July. Just waiting on open dates from my boss.

The next patchwerks synth meet is Aug 21st. I forgot where they said, I will definitely be there. Hopefully will meet some new peeps.

one of my best buds just moved up there – would love to connect y’all if you get the deets!

Totally. As I said before I am also looking for people who want to play out or even collaborate. He should also check out the music machines thing. Next one is on the 1st. I won’t be there, I accidentally took the 8th off instead of the 1st…

patchwerks had a table at the punk flea market last weekend, i asked them about the next synth meet and they said should be the same location as the last one.

forgot to reply - sundays is usually when i had back to vancouver, bc, so won’t be able to make it, but will try anyway!