Seeing Sound Podcast (episodes #1-4: Jim O'Rourke, Coldcut, Daedelus, Robert Henke)

Hey everyone!

I would like to share a podcast I have been developing together with Paul Hanford (author of Lost and Sound podcasts project).

Each episode of ‘Seeing Sound’ is a compelling blend of music, narrative and field recording, featuring guests including Matt Black from Coldcut, Jim O’Rourke and Kiani Del Valle. Over the course of five episodes, ‘Seeing Sound’ seeks to explore the relationships between leading musicians, filmmakers and thinkers to the ever-changing world around us, breaking down their processes with a brief dive into their innovative approaches.

Complimenting ‘Seeing Sound’ is a new app that offers the chance to interact with video art in order to ‘remix’ the work online. Aiming to offer a limitless and intuitive way of approaching user-generated material, visitors will soon be able to upload and reimagine their own content alongside an archive of classic film and animation.

Hope you will enjoy it,


Great choice of guests Paul and very much enjoy looking forward to listening to this!

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@robinrimbaud thanks Robin, looking forward to knowing your feedback after

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Done did followed. I wish it were longer!

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You had me at Jim O’Rourke


Just got through the frost episode and it’s superb work - thanks for sharing. I’m already regretting that it’s only a short series

thanks, we already made a decision to record 3 more interviews after the launch. stay tuned!


Can’t wait to listen! Thank you for posting. One of my favorite musicians and I’ve loved all of the Strickland films (and accompanying soundtracks).


That was a great episode. I really really enjoyed that and l want more! Can we hope that you’re planning on releasing these on a weekly basis?

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Yes, absolutely. We will upload the next one this week. Stay tuned!

For all fans of Jim, putting here a link to the full interview by Paul Hanford from Lost and Sound. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for the new episode of Seeing Sound!


Hello everyone, we just updated the new episodes of Seeing sound,

Please meet Matt Black from Coldcut, Daedelus, Robert Henle, and much more.

Follow the podcast on iTunes/Spotify/Yandex/Soundcloud

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