Seeking Ambient/Drone/Experimental Music Made by Non-Male Identified People

You might be interested in this website and its mission:

The website’s proprietor also makes great music as Cruel Diagonals:


Jamondria Harris

Saw a live performance that was truly inspiring (and inspired).

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Some not mentioned that came to mind

Jo Johnson


Kate Carr (@baleen linked to this label above, but I like this release enough to single it out, plus Kate’s output on her own label, Flaming Pines)

Exael (basing this entirely on one use of the pronoun “they” somewhere on Bandcamp :slight_smile:)

Martina Lussi (one I’ve listened to heaps this year - a bit of a mix so I’m calling it experimental)

France Jobin (a little more academic-sounding perhaps? I love this particular album, she has another good one with Richard Charrier)

Kara-Lis Coverdale (played with Tim Hecker I think and brings a lot more harmonic content than most in my list)


I’d say this one’s ambient/experimental-ish, though I’ll admit it’s a bit different from her solo work. Also Suzanne Ciani may be one of the more obvious ones but I don’t think anyone mentioned her yet.

also I :heart: colleen.


Kelly Moran, not exactly ambient, but experimental piano music:

Geneva Skeen, industrial/noise/ambient kind of stuff:


Mind you, I do think for reasons I can only imagine to be various such as being very early in life kept out of the boys clubs which later sometimes rebrand themselves as “scenes”, women in music tend to follow a route that’s more “their own” and harder to pinpoint in a particular genre, music scene, or definitive aesthetic, especially in the indie landscape (big shot music acts are an entirely different thing for so many reasons). So I’m completely supportive of not being too definitive on the genres we put here because as I said when I described Colleen’s work, it just “goes places” sometimes. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith does great inventive things with machines and that’s really valid enough to put her here.

I’ll look out for the smaller names though as I feel all the Buchla usual suspects are rather well spotted by the people of this forum but it never hurts to share them again because, well, as the YouTube algorithm thread taught us, it’s such a male’s associated world.

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seconding the suggestion for Olivia Block, her music is fantastic. Heave to and Karren are two of my favorite recordings

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Some stuff that’s really inspired me:

lots more but I’ll stop there.

Someone already posted Eliane Radigue or that would be on this list as well.


Jo Thomas
Helena Gough

Two of my favorites from the last few years.


(possibly the first composition written solely for electronics, if not in the world, then at least in the united states)

was also going to suggest catherine lamb, stine janvin motland, joan la barbara, christine sehnaoui (neé abdelnour), birgit ulher, ami yoshida and sachiko m (both as cosmos and independently), maryanne amacher, annette krebs, … all of whom meet your criteria but I think beyer deserves her own post, due to the sheer historical importance of her work


Catherine Christer Hennix! You can stream her astonishing Central Palace Music (1976) at The Wire:


Maybe this goes without saying here but . . .


I have a special interest in terms of independent artists active primarily in the 1980’s. the following (with diverse styles) are all well worth checking out, although none really do the “drone ambient thing”.

Pauline Anna Strom
Elodie Lauten
Michele Mercure/Musser
Sue Ann Harkey
Tara Cross
Lauri Paisley

while some have been rediscovered, some have not… the lesser known names are (IMO) just as interesting.


sarah davachi, kara-lis coverdale, grouper/nivhek, ellen arkbro, kali malone, claire m. singer, julianna barwick, hildur guðnadóttir, dj sprinkles/terre thaemlitz, katie gately, laurie spiegel, lea bertucci, lolina, lucrecia dalt, mary lattimore, mica levi, puce mary, umfang, joanna brouk


All of the names I would have said have been mentioned, but if you get a chance, check out Tavishi from my hometown Richmond Virginia. Incredible experimental soundscapes.


Ellen Arkbro (and a few other women) did this incredible LP that I highly recommend:


just a shout out to say that listen to music outside in the daylight under a tree manages to stay remarkably non-male oriented despite focusing on experimental genres - was a super cool thing to experience last weekend !


Kali Malone has been mentioned a few times upthread - just wanted to say that her last album The Sacrificial Code is incredible.

Looking forward to checking out some of the other artists and works mentioned!


This album by Marja Ahti has been on constant rotation here: