Seeking max msp teacher in Brooklyn

Longtime ableton user/monome consumer here, finally interested in programming my own solutions. Would like to take weekly or bi-monthly lessons covering fundamentals up to and especially max for live implementation with a patient and highly experienced programmer in Brooklyn. Any takers?

I would be willing to jump on board as a student. I’ve taken two courses at uni, but am sort of stuck in a rut and not competent enough to enact my own solutions.

I know trent gill lives in BK, maybe he’d be down?

Trent, as enticement: I will bake you banana bread along with giving you monies.

Another potential student here. :wave:

Potential student with no banana bread skills.

Looks like we just created a part time job for somebody.

if i end up moving back to brooklyn I’ll teach you guys what little i know! :smiley:

when i saw this thread I was wondering where you were :slight_smile:


I’ve been using max/msp for a number of years and have been helping a group of friends with it at my college. I’m based in harlem but I’d be interested in trying to work out a meeting place somewhere in between brooklyn and here where I could talk you through some max basics and help you build your own patches! I’ve done some custom programming for people in the past as well, so I think I’m pretty good at helping people come up with creative solutions! let me know if this interests anyone!


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