Seeking performers at Burning Man this year

Hi lines folks,

I’m helping to establish a new camp at Burning Man this year called The Astral Social Club that we’re hoping to grow into a home for ambient, electro-acoustic, experimental and celestial music in Black Rock City.

Since so many people are doing so much incredible work on this forum, I wanted to reach out and extend an open invitation to everyone here - if you’re planning on attending Burning Man this year, we’d love to have you perform on our small stage.

Please get in touch either here or through instagram, @theastralsocialclub. And maybe we’ll see some of you out there.

Thanks for reading :sparkles:


Bumping this, we’re still open for performers who’ll be at Burning Man this year and we’d love to connect with some of the amazing people in this community in just a few short weeks :raised_hands:t3:

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I’ll be at Burning Man this year and will try to check out your stage. My good friend @colinsullivan (@colinsul on IG) makes some pretty amazing music of the ilk you describe and he will be out there. Hit him up if you are still seeking performers!

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moldover on lines??
hell yea!
hope all is well dude!

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Colin has actually already gotten in touch with me via facebook :slight_smile: Please do come by, it’d be great to connect out there!

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Edison = Legend!!!

All good with me mah man. I hope you’re well too :slight_smile:

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Wow, 7:15 and B, nice! I can’t make it out there but I have friends who have a sound/light system inside a giant inflated mylar bubble, you should check them out (Image Node, 2:45 and F) if you get a shot! I sent them your IG so hopefully you can connect. They also perform improv music and visuals. Happy build week!

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Which one of y’all lost your phone? Ha, hope everyone survived the brutal sand and heat and made some magic happen.


@papx have you lost a phone or is someone a big fan of your rack?


oh wow, haha. it’s not mine. i think it’s because it’s used on wikipedia: Eurorack - Wikipedia


If you do something next year, I’d be interested to sort out a performance or two :slight_smile:

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We had an awesome first run! Especially considering we had 8 weeks to put the camp together :slight_smile: We had one night on the more adventurous side on Thursday night, @colinsullivan and his partner Chromatest came by and did an amazing set alongside some really great sounds from a few other folks. We also had a couple of really great ambient sunrises and an impromptu open mic night with some very nice song writers who just dropped by. We’ll for sure be back next year and will be hoping to add more music - we’ll post again later but for sure get in touch if you may be there!

We’re based in the Eastern Sierra Mammoth/Bishop area, and are going to start planning some outdoor events in the national forest and BLM land this fall and winter, so if that’s a place folks would like to come play, let me know and we can start figuring it out.