Seeking simple MIDI->CV box

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for something that is exactly like the Arturia Beatstep Pro but without the sequencer: takes MIDI in (from midi cable) and spits out a few gate/pitch/velocity CV trios per channel.

Anyone know if something like this exists already? Is it time for me to learn Arduino or something and make it?

I haven’t used a Beatstep Pro to compare it to, but CV.OCD is really nice for the price. 4 CVs and 12 gates/clocks/triggers, and it’s super configurable with a web interface and Sysex dump.


Here is one based on the teensy 3.6: USB MIDI to CV gate
And here is a really bare bones one: dirty good ol’ MIDI to CV


seconding cv.ocd (I remember it being cheaper before?).
but if you’re looking to interface with a modular rack, a module makes sense too.

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I made one of these - very cheap and effective.


Nice. How is it in use? The price is very right on this one.

Fine, works well. You may need to consult the manual every now and then to check which output is which, but on the other hand you have the flexibility of various modes.
I have mine working as a eurorack module, powering it from the +12v rail. I made a custom panel for the three columns of jacks.

By the way, please be very wary of buying products from the author of that DSP blog, Jan Ostman. He has a well documented history of taking orders them failing to fulfill them. See threads on MW for example.

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I can confirm that. I bought one of his cheaper products, never heard back. When I asked the first time, he claimed there were delays with a supplier. After that, no responses to emails.

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Anyone know of a MIDI > CV converter that would work with Moog Taurus II? Trying to find a solution for a friend. He doesn’t have DC coupled interface. The Taurus uses a TRS input (S-trigger on the tip for gate, V-trigger for envelopes) and TRS input for the pitch CV.
I haven’t been able to find any stand alone product for him to use, but I feel like a DC Coupled interface and 2-TRS>stereo 1/4" cables plus some CV software might be the best solution.

I think most or all of the Kenton midi/usb to cv converters can do s-trig.
Not sure about trs for pitch, but I’d imagine the Kenton stuff would be able to make it work.

Mutable CVPal was really easy to build… super cheap.

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Big magpie/neutron sound dubldeca fan here - even wrote a fair bit of code to make it into what I needed. Maybe not the most friendly.

Does anyone have experience with the DoreMiDi MIDI to CV box? It’s super compact and can take USB or TRS MIDI, so ideal for controlling one voice with an iPad or mini keyboard with TRS or 5-pin out.

I’m thinking of picking one up to use with a Moog Mavis as part of a small portable setup. Something like CV.OCD would be overkill for this purpose, as I already use a KeyStep Pro for my full Euro setup.