Seeking submissions for a phonography / field recording stream

Hello all,

I’m starting a simple stream featuring unedited field recordings and I’m seeking submissions.

No restrictions on length or content. I’d like lossless recordings ideally paired with a photo of the space where the recording was made, but that’s not a hard requirement.

This will stream on in a shuffled playlist – displaying appropriate metadata and a photo when available.

The stream is up now just looping one recording I made in college:

DM me or contact me at or reply to this thread or whatever works!

Thank you!



Sounds great! I’ll sort through my field recordings and will drop you a line :slight_smile:

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I set up the “now playing” functionality this morning – but it’ll get more interesting once there is more than one item in the playlist! :slight_smile:

Still need to finish the player styles and add support for image metadata on tracks, as well as an optional HTML blob with info and links about the currently playing recording.

Otherwise I plan to keep this pretty simple! Maybe also a page or section which just lists all the current contributors would be good too?


love this idea! I’ve been making a number of field recordings this year, will sort through and send some along for your consideration. :slight_smile:

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Got some fantastic submissions from @samarobryn which are going into the playlist tonight!