Segments: audio looper for Norns


Auto-slicing live audio looper, inspired by Segmenti for Organelle.

Record audio in by holding KEY2. Slices of the buffer are automatically mapped, equally, across one octave of a MIDI keyboard. Press a MIDI note to trigger and loop that segment of the buffer. Hold KEY3 and play a sequence on your MIDI keyboard to record a MIDI loop, which will automatically play. Press KEY3 again to clear and halt the sequence.


  • Norns/Fates
  • Audio input
  • MIDI keyboard


KEY2 hold to record audio
     assigns slices to midi keyboard

KEY3 hold to record slice playback
     loops on release
     tap again to clear

ENC1 slice volume
ENC2 slice octave
ENC3 slice direction



  • Waveform is only rendered from left input at the moment, need to figure out timing issues

Wow! Really nice thing! Too bad it’s not available through maiden.

I think it would be great if it will be possible to manipulate the pitch not only + - octave, but also in a wider range. And to able to manually define audio fragment end/start points for each individual key. And I like that when you press one key several times, the sample does not play from the starting point, but continues to play from where it left off. I think it sounds much more interesting than when the sample is repeated from the beginning over and over again.

Indeed! Until then, it’s also possible to use ;install