Sempra 1.0.6


  • added locking sequences
    • change enc1/4 behavior in params, between gate length and toggling sequence locking.
    • a locked sequence is protected from accidental value changes.




Awesome sequencer. I have an ER-101 and I can see the relation. I have always wished for and tried to find workarounds to having a visual representation on the ER-101 and this makes sequencing in that style tactile. Bravo!

I know the name’s sometimes frowned on. But for those without a 16n, I’ve found the Behringer xTouch-mini works well with this script. It has 8 rows of endless encoders that can be addressed in 2 layers.

Really looking forward to copy and pasting sequences. Is there some way to have sequences switch on both voices simultaneously?


Thank you, friend! Glad you’re liking it. I’ve been looking for the same thing, a visually represented er-101… in fact this is my 3rd or 4th try at doing so. I wanted this one to be a little more live/dynamic/less precise than the 101, but I have a few ideas for a more deliberate, intricate one as well.

Don’t worry, I’m not gonna judge you on your choice of midi controller :stuck_out_tongue: I only made it for 16n because it’s the one I have.

I’ve only held off on implementing sequence copy/paste because I can’t think of a good key combo / gesture to do it. I’d welcome suggestions there. Maybe it could be a third behavior for enc1… hmm. I sort of painted myself into a corner for adding features by using the entire 16n and grid for the main functions.

Really looking forward to copy and pasting sequences. Is there some way to have sequences switch on both voices simultaneously?

Currently no, other than quickly selecting both of them in “switch at end” mode. But that’s definitely something I can look into. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


Excited to see this bloom if you release it!

Would it be possible to include a field at the bottom showing transposition amount. (So the bottom of Voice 1 could read /2 s1 t+5) I’m finding great results midi mapping Transpose and pushing patterns around like you would with ER-101. No worries if it’s not of interest - I know it doesn’t really fit with the 16n original mapping.

Is there some way to have a start/stop or reset so the sequences both start at the same time? Would I be able to get there with Ableton link? (I don’t have experience with Link)

BTW, if it’s of interest to anyone, the only other ‘visual ER-101’ I have seen is on MaxForLive called BarryTron.

Many thanks again for sharing such a great script!


There’s currently no space there because locked fills it, but there’s enough info to show that it might be worth a second line of text and squishing the sequence display. Good idea!

And yeah, start/stop is completely doable, though not implemented right now. Probably want to add a param for that, and default map it to a crow event. I’ll add both of these to the roadmap :slight_smile:

If anyone wants to take a stab at this stuff before I get a chance to you’re welcome to, and I can answer any questions about the codebase. It’s all reasonably simple and clean.



  • new: sequence reset function
    • by default this is mapped to crow gate input 2. You can also midi/osc map it from params.
  • new: sequence lock graphic
  • new: transpose and note display in main screen




really lovely, looking forward to checking this out.


Really impressed by this script but don’t have a 16n or midi controller to try it. I do have a grid though and wondered if there is any appetite to maybe add an additional page to the grid UI (perhaps accessed by a long press) that mimics the 16n slider position for those without it? Warmth,


if someone (you?) wants to work on grid-based note entry for Sempra that would be welcome, and I’d totally help, though I probably won’t spearhead it.

Personally for a grid-only melody sequencer I think Kria is the best one out there, and I don’t know what I would do other than clone its interface if I wanted to add that functionality :))

I don’t currently own a 16n, but is there support for something like a korg nanokontrol2? (it has 8sliders in total).

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Yes, you’ll need to map the sliders to the step parameters under “mappings”


This script is my favorite sequencer! So much more tactile than most approaches I’ve encountered.

Thank you for adding the reset all and transpose readout. Super useful! Would it be possible to have the transpose value ‘baked into’ a phrase? Or possibly an option in params to have it tied to a phrase or not?

Would it be possible to separate the midi map option for the selector pane for left and right sequences? I’ve been mapping the selector pane to an external midi button to quickly change sequences (Here’s an example of what I mean). It’s like an ER-201! Having this option for both sequences would be amazing!


finally had a noiz session with Sempra…
also running Cheat Codes 2 as well as Arcologies.
other noiz help from Access Virus B, Mbase11 and an S2400.

@zbs any chance we can get MIDI Start/Stop?

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The script looks awesome! Excited to give it a go. I’m trying to get 16n up an running and there is a small error I think? Without manual midi mapping the first 8 sliders only affect the 8th pitch indicator on Norns screen. This isn’t right, right? Sliders 9-16 work as expected: they are moving the pitch indicators on the screen. When I midi mapped all the sliders to affect pitch, the sliders 1-8 start affecting the right pitches, but all them also affect the pitch number 8. So they move two pitch indicators at the same time, 1+8, 2+8 or 5+8 etc. I have atovprojects 16n rework and the firmware is 2.10. Any idea what might be up?

the firmware version should be high enough for the CC autodiscovery thingy to work directly, unless this fork does stuff differently.
you should not have to do any manual midi param mapping, normally :thinking:

2 questions that might help pinpoint what goes wrong:

  • does maiden output show line done retrieving 16n config when launching the script?
  • if not, under which name does the device show up in the DEVICES > MIDI menu?
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When I launch the script it says:
detected 16n, will lookup its confif via sysex
initialized 16n
crow loading: sempra_crow.lua
done retrieving 16n config

In the Midi devices menu the name is 16n. Strange, it’s like the faders 1-8 all point towards the fader 8 by default, and when I midimap them manually, they still point towards 8 but also do the job they were mapped to do. Not being able to use the 8th fader normally isn’t probably that big of a deal if everything else works fine. But it’s strange nonetheless. I’ll let you know if I run into other issues when I have time to dive deeper into this!

That is weird! If you want to get going before jordan and I fix this you could start sempra without 16n attached, then attach it and midi map it. That should get you expected behavior, even though it’s annoying and hacky

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That works! Now all faders behave like expected. Thanks for the tip. Now it’s time to make some music :slight_smile:

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I tried updating the script, but the front page still says version 1.0.5 when I open it. Is this correct? I also deleted and reinstalled the script, both through Maiden and using the Github link - the same thing happened in each case. I just want to make sure I have the latest version.


oops. that was just me forgetting to update the little description thing that shows up on norns. I just changed it, so let me know if you’re still having issues.

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