Send To Crow (VSCode Extension)

Send To Crow

An extension that adds the ability to send lines of text from Lua files in VSCode to Druid (and therefore Crow). This is implemented to offer the same functionality as possible with Vim, described here in the Druid documentation.


How to use

Druid needs to be running before sending any text, as the web socket needs to be open. This just requires for druid to be run in a command line - there is a command available Send To Crow: Launch Druid which will execute this. Then you can select some text and then run Send To Crow: Send selected text to Crow from the command palette.

For faster use, you can run Send To Crow: Toggle keybinding from the command palette. When this is toggled to active, you can use CTRL+ENTER / CMD+ENTER to send your selection. This will only run if the editor language is Lua (save your file as .lua).



  • Launch Druid in your integrated terminal in VS Code
  • Command Palette: “Send To Crow: Launch Druid”


  • Adds keybinding to use CTRL/CMD + ENTER to run the command sendToCrow.sendSelection
  • Command Palette: “Send To Crow: Toggle keybinding”


  • Send selected text to Druid. Possible to run with keybinding if previously toggled on
  • Command Palette: “Send To Crow: Send selected text to Crow”


  • PRs, bug reports and feature suggestions are always welcome
  • Massive thank you to @midouest who created VSCode Norns REPL. I took a lot of inspiration, direction and code from this project.

Fantastic. This is going to be really useful. Thank you for your work on it

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this is awesome. thanks!