sending midi from Norns shield to logic via MIDI cable to VOLT

hello, just wondering what I am doing wrong, I am trying to send midi notes from my Norns shield to my UA Volt (that has midi in out) via a USB midi cable out from the Norns shield and in to the volt. On the Norns, in the midi devices, my options come up as “virtual” or “DWC OTG Controller”. Just using “AWAKE”, I am sending audio and midi, audio comes through fine, but I want to be able to send midi notes to logic to have them played by other instruments within logic.


If you’re using a USB to Midi cable the norns won’t ‘see’ the Volt, it will only see the USB cable.

So the option DWC OTG Controller looks like how the USB cable appears.

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You’re trying to connect host to host. That won’t work. Norns is a host.

I’m not sure the Volt actually has midi in(?)

Anyway, you need an adapter like a UM-One if the Volt has midi in via Din, or you’ll need something like the Sevillesoft USB Host to Host adapter and then you can connect direct to your computer.

yea the Volt has midi in and midi out. I currently am connecting a usb-midi cable (usb-a on one end, and midi in and out on the other ends) from the USB-A out on the Norns shield to the midi in and midi out on the Volt interface. I have been able to send MIDI to my Mother 32 from the Norns shield before using the same cable, is there a reason why logic/volt midi in wouldn’t be able to read the midi?

yea sure, so what settings do I need to set in logic?

So the reason it can’t read it will be because it’s a midi host (as is your Norns), so you need something like the UM-ONE to send midi from Norns to the Volt. That will allow a Host to Host connection. Your mother 32 can receive the midi just fine from Norns because it is a device not a host

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This will allow you to send midi between two hosts. Works great. MIDI host 2 host

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I have a version of what looks to be a generic cable as the UM-ONE. Does the UM-ONE have something specific in it like acajide’s produce below?

the UM-One allows a Host to Host connection, if you just have regular cable thats USB on one side and Midi Din on the other that won’t work

It is this cable

That type of cable should work. Using DIN MIDI steps out of the USB world entirely, so host-host concerns are moot.

You’ll need to select the USB-DIN adapter as your output device on norns (which it sounds like you have sorted) and you’ll also need to select the Volt as a MIDI input in Logic.

Some USB-DIN MIDI devices like to label “input” and “output” by where they’re supposed to connect, others label from the perspective of the USB side, so if things aren’t working try swapping the cables.


I can’t recommend this highly enough. I have a similar usb midi cable that didn’t seem to work with my norns and the problem was that the input and output labels were inverted.


Thank you all! It is up and running now! I think my shield is just a bit buggy. Turned it off and on again a few times and it works. Also had to “select midi” rather than audio, scroll back and forth a few times as well as mute and unmute the tracks in logic (logic seems to be a bit buggy) but working super dooper well now. DOIN SOME COOL STUFF

Thank you $5 midi cable from eBay.

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