Sending OSC w/ crow

Is it possible to send / receive osc data between crow and computer? Asking for a friend…

their ideal use case would be coding w/ Haskell connected to crow (if it can be done)

Seems achievable but would require a bit of plumbing. On the crow side there are routines you can use to send arbitrary text over the serial port (_crow.tell, print_serial).
For instance you could use something like

_crow.tell('osc', '/my/osc/method', 'encodedbytes')

where 'encodedbytes' is some string built using some custom code to build an OSC payload. This will send something over the serial port like (if memory serves)


If you control the program on the PC side that’s attached to the serial port, you can decode this and do whatever you want with it. If there’s a broader user interest in this sort of thing (maybe from the crow + max folks?) it might make sense to have an OSC encoding facility on crow for making this kind of thing a bit easier.


Thank you for the reply…will share with them

curious how interested (capable?) they are in making a diy solution for this

cool to know that it seems doable