Sense Memory June 19 (Richmond, Virginia USA)

I wanted to share this show that I’ll be playing for any linesers in or around the area. It will be a night featuring new solo guitar + modular music that I’ve been working on. I’ll be collaborating with some great video and visual artists. Never done anything like this before and looking forward to it!

Here’s the case I’m working with:

And below is the description from the press release and the sweet flyer made by Mitchell Craft.

Sense Memory is a recollection of art as it was and as it could be. Music, Static and Moving Art in combination.

Join us for an evening of new music performed by Scott Burton with video art by Mitchell Craft and Eric Eckhart, and live painting by Shaylen Broughton.

First, we will open with a new piece for guitar and modular synthesizer called ‘The student blinded by wisdom’ with video art by Mitchell Craft. Next, a piece featuring Burton on guitar and special guest CJ Wolfe on drums who will improvise with artist Shaylen Broughton as she creates a painting in real-time. Finally, Burton will perform a piece entitled ‘Ritual Magick 2’ and will be accompanied by the live video manipulation of Eric Eckhart.


Tickets have been bought! Very excited!

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Man, super sucks this isn’t on a weekend. If it wasn’t such a long drive from Leesburg I’d be down for driving down.

An interview in which I try to explain what a modular synthesizer is. I’m still not sure I actually know :upside_down_face: