Sequencer Party: a new collaborative audio / midi / video web platform

Hi lines - some of you have used my previous apps or firmwares - Braids Renaissance, Spectrum for iOS, or the Synth Modes app.

Today I’d like to show you what I’ve worked on for the past 2+ years with some friends:

Sequencer Party is an audio, MIDI, and video editor that runs in your browser. Users create sessions by wiring up plugins written in a format called Web Audio Module 2, or WAM 2. WAMs are like VST plugins for the web, and if you are a software developer you can make your own.

If you register, you can collaborate in real-time - turn a knob, add some notes, record a phrase - and it is sent to all collaborators in the session. Sign up and invite your friends to a project!

Come try it out! It’s free while in beta. You can try the session editor without even signing up, just click one of the sessions from the home page.

It’s still early days, but here’s some exciting things you can do today with Sequencer Party:

  • Run our bespoke MIDI sequencers (generators, step sequencers, and weirder scripts) to come up with new ideas. If you know Javascript you can write your own sequencers as well!
  • Create a project, invite friends to collaborate, and jam together in realtime with our synths and drums.
  • Build and sequence video generators and FX along with your audio.
  • Know how to code? Write MIDI sequencers in javascript or make instruments using Max/MSP RNBO, or write GLSL shaders as ISF effects.

There’s lots more coming, over the next year we’ll be adding features so you can write, record, and arrange full songs, export your audio and video, improve the ease of collaboration, integrate with public domain catalogues, port many more instruments and effects, and more.

Please let me know what you think!



Everything looks functional, but I’m getting no audio out on Firefox, MacOS 13.0.1. I mean everything says “running,” and I’m getting video output, but nothing I do results in any sound.

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Oh that’s unfortunate @blipson. Works for me on Firefox and Chrome on M1 Mac, OSX 12.6.

Were you making a new session or trying one of the demo sessions? If you were using one of the demo sessions it should work off the bat, but when making your own session to get audio out of the track you need to select the desired “audio out” port and select “send to track output”. It’s a little bit obtuse and is something we plan on making easier in the new year.

Are you using the built-in speakers or headphone jack, or using another audio interface?

If you could try again, and copy and paste all of your javascript debug logs in an email to me I would appreciate it greatly - thanks!

Otherwise maybe I’ll have to upgrade to osx 13… :smile:

If anyone else tries it (you don’t need to sign up!) please let me know how it goes. In the next couple weeks I’ll be building out more generative MIDI sequencers, patch editors and utilities for more specific synthesizers and devices, and sometime over the holidays I’m going to share a session where people can sequence my TR-909 and hear the results back on twitch :smiley:

Can confirm it’s working for me on Firefox and Chromium (Arc) on an M1 Mac running 13.0.1 - I get sound no problem in the “ambience generator”, didn’t try the others yet.

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Just tried a simple piano roll and the two included instruments and got it working right away in Firefox. I’m very interested to see how the project progresses. I’d recommend a more fully featured mixer ASAP since some of the effects don’t have dry/wet controls, though to be fair I also didn’t look at any manual if there is one.

PS – thanks for adding MPE to your iOS projects.


This looks really nice. Going to try it out

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Thanks for the feedback @JES - you are correct there is no mixer plugin at the moment and that it would be very useful. It’s on my list for the new year!

Glad you’re liking the MPE implementation. I plan on porting Spectrum to WAM2 as well so it will have a presence in Sequencer Party in the future.

Please let me know more requests if you have any!

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For the next hour or so, I’m hooked my Roland TR-909, JX-3p, and minimoog up to a sequencer party session and I’m live-streaming it. If you sign up, join the project, and join the session, you can sequence my gear and hear it back on the live stream :slight_smile:

Join the project – Make music, collaboratively •
Hear the stream – Twitch

Going to work on adding some knobs for the jx-3p since it has the Organix MIDI mod, and maybe some controls for the reverb and electrix filter factory the TR-909 is going through.

EDIT: stream is over, but it was pretty successful - hopefully more people join next time! that was fun. You can hear the jam here Twitch


I made another little session today demonstrating two simple custom javascript sequencers. The target audience for this session would be people who want to try writing their own MIDI sequencer or effect.

Coming soon: I wrote a Javascript patch for the FunctionSequencer plugin that samples every instrument from an external sequencer, remote controlling a DAW like Ableton over MIDI to record each instrument into it’s own track, creating a poor person’s SampleRobot equivalent. I plan on posting that with a how-to video.

(the sampling is for factory sound content that will soon be available to all sequencer party users as well :slight_smile:


Spent the day improving the threejs video plugin. You can write a little bit of javascript, expose some variables for automation, run the video output through additional video plugins (currently the ISF plugin format is supported).

Some of this code hasn’t shipped yet, once it’s shipped I’ll link to the session that made this little video. The audio comes from my web port of Mutable Instruments Elements in Ominous mode.

7 Likes, 2 Comments - Tom Burns (@gravitronic) on Instagram: "Improving the 3D renderer in sequencer party.  #vj #electronicmusic #threejs"

edit: do IG reels not get played when embedded? that’s a shame… Here’s a link to the video on instagram