Sequencing guitar pedals via Expression inputs

Does anything exist as a product or kit to allow a person to control a guitar pedal via its Expression input using MIDI or CV ?

ALM Busy Circuits’ SBG module may be interesting for CV control in this use case.

I had this bookmarked, which seems to fit the bill…

There are a few companies - Chase Bliss, Empress, Meris & Fairfield Circuitry spring to mind - that include CV and/or MIDI (usually a TRS MIDI connection) on their pedals…

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Most expression inputs are literally CV inputs. A voltage is sent to the expression pedal (typically on ring), attenuated there, and sent back (typically on tip). The tricky bit is that there is almost no standardization between pedal mfgs for voltage and wiring, so it’s a bit of a guess-and-check process. If you can restrict your CV to the 0-3.3V range, you are unlikely to damage anything by simply sending CV through a “floating ring” cable.

A cheap CV-to-MIDI adapter like CV.OCD could work for the MIDI functions.