Serge thread

I don’t know is this related anyhow
with real Serge but:
do you have a chance to compare Random Source VCFQ smt vs VCF through hole with Styro caps? If yes, how can you descibe it in terms of sound?

this is a great technique though i would reccomend sliding off the plastic sleeve and putting very gentle solder to the metal sleeve underneath and putting the plastic back up to ensure the connection holds… too many times i’ve had to open up a diy build thinking i’ve cooked ic’s and theyve just come loose -_-

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does a legend for paper face hieroglyph style exist? love the look and i really want to see what the thought process was for the symbols

Here you go - the Gold Book is worth a google too


wow thanks for this. despite having read a bunch of the old serge docs I either forgot about this or skimmed over it, but either way always was perplexed by the shapes on the old paper serge panels.

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Thanks! I’m hoping I can get a lot out of it, I spent a long time planning it out. The brackets are indeed CLee from Modular Addict, they fit perfectly in the 3" deep boat.

I held back on responding to this because I really have no idea. I’m imagining something like @mzero’s CV/gate controller (super bummed I failed on attending his generous workshop), maybe it can be driven by midi so I can use Norns with it. But I’m also really curious about designing a 4-channel CV recorder/looper/quantizer, something where I can hold a button and twist a knob to record a gesture, then either trig or loop that gesture. It would have optional quantization of both pitch and clock. It would also have memory so I could recall things. The circuitry would be very similar to mzero’s, with an additional button and knob for each channel. And will take a lot of dev time. But I think I might give it a shot if I can muster it.


Happy to help anyone through building that CV/gate thing anytime. Just hit me up and I’ll meet you on discord. I’ll be running a workshop – looks like Jan. now – with New York Modular Society - and there will be a few parts kits available… But you can get the BOM from the site and order everything from Adafruit.

As for 4 CV input… I haven’t designed that circuit - but either MCU board in my project should be able to handle it… happy again to help here.


I was also looking at @mzero’s C.V./Trig Thing which is really interesting.

However, I was wandering if anybody has incorporated the Bela Platform into the Serge world. A bananified PEPPER maybe? @mzero or @TheTechnobear may comment on this? This would also bring maxmsp GEN into Serge for some 1 sample feedback delay networks…

I’ve found this comment by giuliomoro on the bella forum:

that’s an interesting idea, however I think you’ll find two main obstacles:

finding PCB mount banana jack sockets that fit the same layout as the jacks the PCB is designed for can be tricky. I had a quick look on RS and could not find any!

banana jacks - as far as I understand - don’t allow normalled connection. Now, on Pepper the pots are normalled through the CV in jack to a voltage reference that allows the pot to work on its own when there is no signal plugged in, and to work as an attenuator when a signal is connected. By removing that normalled connection (as you’d have to do for banana jacks), you will end up having the pots not working when no CV input is plugged in.
If you could find a switched banana jack of the right PCB footprint (and assuming you enlarge the hole on the faceplate), then you could possibly give it a try. If it was me, I would just get a bunch of 3.5mmjack-to-banana cables.

Beyond these obstacles, it looks a nice idea and wondering if somebody has gone this route

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for Homebuilt users, here’s one last bunch of complex/chaotic bits and pieces that I dug from my HD - this is all pretty basic stuff I guess, just a whole lot of cross-modulation basically (I think there might be some overlap with the first one, sorry about that):

also uploaded a tossed-off go at multitracking on that page that I did earlier this year just to see how the different timbres might blend together: it’s just an uninspired test, but I’m convinced that someone with actual compositional ideas (= not me) could easily make some decent stuff with nothing but the Homebuilt, especially with multitracking and some basic effects (not to mention the preamp input!)… I really don’t get why it’s viewed as some kind of a supplementary unit (or one that necessarily needs supplementing), on the contrary I find it’s a pretty self-contained and well thought-out selection of function blocks. so I guess my two cents, if someone’s hesitating between the various panels, I’d emphatically recommend to start here and then expand if/when necessary…

would love to hear what other people are getting out of it, please post links if you have anything online!


Just wanted to say – I frequently listen to the samples you posted, it’s genuinely beautiful sonically and musically, and I appreciate you sharing.


thanks, I was wondering who’s listening to them, haha… no but it’s nice to hear - I really only uploaded them because there’s so very few examples online of this unit on its own, and I remember being super frustrated before getting it by how hard it was to find any interesting samples. thanks for the kind words!


I’m definitely listening! reverb into comparator has quickly become one of my favorite sounds ever and I wouldn’t have ever tried that on my own. So thanks for helping me think outside the box!


anyone have a recommendation for a stand for r*s super slim boats? not planning on racking until i get another panel…

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Have you tried it on your Loci with the top stand removed? I seem to recall my BugBrand fitting it perfectly but I’m not sure how that compares to an R*S slim boat

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So they are a little pricey, but I really appreciate the flexibility of the stands made by cremacaffe. I had gotten a few when I had a number of Elektron machines—and while this is still mostly how they are branded, I still use them for other gear, notably 19" single row rack instruments (Buchla Easel Command & an R*S boat), a Pyramid, a Plumbutter 2, etc.

I usually use either one of these, or two of these, depending on what is on the desk at any given time.


I’m using the K&M 17580 Heli 2 black
they are sturdy, foldable, light and easy to travel. They can hold both STS and R*S boats.


I’ve seen that Thomas Ankersmit also using them in his gigs


Planning my 73-75 expander boat, pretty settled on this. Going to have LW make the panel up for me in paperface, with everything spaced out enough to fill a 17" space:

All boards on the way except for Wave Mults :grin:


Can’t disagree with the choice of module at bottom right :slight_smile:


Do you want to stack them, or is “tabletop” okay?
I have these sawhorses I bought from Woodie’s DIY in Ireland in 2008 or so for my Elektrons back then, but they work terrifically with three 4u boats, see photos. I’m sure you can find similar where you are.

Apologies for the state of the place; I’m only after unpacking the studio stuff that came with me.


hey has anyone else seen the isntragram post from random*source of a layout for dpo/peak + trough? i might misunderstand the comments and description but it seems like theyre releasing a euro version?

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