Serge thread

Thanks - I forgot about them.
Maybe it’s a mistaken thought on my part but for some reason I’m have it in my head that the Random*Source modules are more modern era (80s onwards) Serge designs? I guess I could go check their website myself!

They’re not the 70’s “paperface” style, more modern in some ways. They are excellent and are endorsed by Serge himself, so that’s something…

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I only have one of their boats which is very good quality. Need to fill the other half of it at some point.
It’s good to know that Serge is getting his dues from both Random*Source and Elby for their use of his designs.

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Thanks for the ideas! (also @emenel)

I’ve looked at Elby before, but I need to investigate properly. Though I would like to put together a small 4u setup. Random*Source has been on my radar for a while - a 4x4 boat consisting of something between La Bestia and Edelweiss could be fun :slight_smile:

I can vouch for R*S

Anybody with the means to try them out should jump at the chance honestly. High quality products and good people.


I’m half through building my second full R*S panel, and have a boat of 4x4 module kits coming soon. It’s my main system now :slight_smile:

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By the time I understood the appeal of serge panels and the unique benefits of the system I had committed to other tools. Highly recommend these (and banana based synths in general).

I’d have to sell most of what I’ve got to switch and there are a few bits of gear I can’t part with right now.

Random Source is the way to go if anyone is considering available options

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I’ve done just that, sold 90% of my eurorack and a handful of other things to focus on banana systems: Serge, Bugbrand, and Ciat-Lonbarde. I’m loving the change so far, but did still keep a small skiff of eurorack for those unique items.


Are the banana cables a big deal? From what I’ve read, they’re just more reliable than euro stackables? Sorry if this has been asked a bunch of times.

To add to @ht73’s great response - bananas are also much easier to unplug/plug in while playing. And they don’t make a “pop” because they don’t carry ground. Much less fiddley.

You can also really go crazy stacking them and they’re much more robust (good ones anyway).

Edit: one more thing is that you can make connections without actually inserting the cable. This is amazing for playability and improvising.


Did you try combining Serge and CL gear? Are the voltage ranges compatible? Been eyeing the new R*S Mantra, the small boat and small power supply make it very appealing.


Continuing the discussion from Show us your modular system:

Given the energy of the Serge related posts in other threads I thought that it might be time for a home for all things Serge.

This thread can be for 4u, 3u, Serge design and playing methods and philosophy, tips and techniques…

EDIT: Oops! Totally forgot about this older thread. Thanks for the merge :slight_smile:


A couple things to get the ball rolling:

The magic DUSG, IMO one of the main centrepieces of the Serge system and philosophy. It can be a filter, vca, oscillator, lfo, trigger generator, delay, slew, function/envelope, and more. – more details on some patch ideas fort he DUSG.

It’s really at the heart of Serge’s “patch programming” notion - being able to patch a module or set of modules for specific functions at different times.

When I’m done building my system I’ll have 4 DUSGs in it, and I’m not sure it’ll be enough :slight_smile:

There’s a euro-serge version from Random*Source, and there are lots of modules inspired by it (i.e. Swoop, Maths/Function).


that website has a book:

The Original Serge Guidebook
The late Rich Gold’s excellent Serge Guidebook, originally shipped with systems in the 70s and 80s. Such a wonderful reference to the unique architecture of the Serge Modular system!

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The book is fantastic. The PDF is scans of pages that look like a combination of typewriter and hand drawings of modules and patches… it’s full of great info. I just wish it was searchable :slight_smile:

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Already downloaded it to read later at home in my iPad
Event though i don’t have a Serge (only an unbuilt DUSG and a built ResonantEQ) it might pop up some ideas to try with other modules

i’m no serge user but i find so much inspiration behind all things slope related. the dusg is genuinely the most inspired analog circuit i have ever encountered, totally up there with the archetype moog filter. i’ve often dreamt of a system of just 5 dusg or equiv. my chosen format is modcan b and within that format is the sorta dumbed down dusg in the shape of dual lfo 05b. it is absolutely a serge clone with just a simplified layout and i love the simple ins and outs. it gets me everywhere i need to go and i would never consider a modular system complete without a dusg or clone.



I’ve been curious about the R*S La Bestia II panel lately. Since it’s already a bit pricey for my means, I was wondering how well it (or maybe a different single panel of Serge?) functions on its own with some external sequencing? I do have a Plumbutter and Sidrax, so it wouldn’t be my only banana-eater, but the Serge demos I’ve seen are typically at least two panels, if not pretty big systems. Bestia seems like a pretty decent “Serge Greatest Hits” package from what I can tell, though.

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The La Bestia II was my first panel and I used it more or less on its own for a few months. As the name implies it’s definitely a “best of” type panel, it has all the core modules that really make Serge what it is.

On its own it is great as a single or dual voice, a rhythm generator, and lots more. It also works well with other things, so you could absolutely use it in different ways with you C-L pieces or Eurorack (with a format jumbler).

It’s also a bit of a gateway. I’m almost done building my second panel and have a third boat of individual modules waiting in the queue.


My fear with trying to get into the 4u thing is finding all the parts and pcbs. Seems like the res Eq panel/pcb is never in stock with random source. It’s also not super clear how you go about building with the larger panels. Do you have to seek out each individual pcb behind the panel on your own?