Serge thread


I think the DUSG XL is a big a step forward as any STS - can’t wait to get one (though my bank account probably could!) PSU is big and clunky. Not sure about 4U power solutions w/r/t portability, doesn’t bother me so much as it doesn’t leave the house.


Hadn’t seen it mentioned in here, but anyone thinking Serge/4u should also consider Loudest Warning - does wicked things in panels and as individual modules. My own small Serge below, patched for playing at Fort Process weekend just gone. In paperface style, one panel is. ‘Superanimal’ (inc 258s instead of PCOs) and a Vintage Voltron 3+, including bonus divider and quantisers. Lovely little system:


Nice! I was looking at that panel on his Tumblr the other day :slight_smile:


Not sure what you mean by flexible. There are a few options - there are large supplies that can run multiple boats and there are small supplies that are mounted in the boat or case.

Random*Source offers both options. The in boat supplies are basically the same as eurorack power.


The Random*Source PS6 Power supply can power 1.7A (recommended load: 50% ,850mA)
It “looks” like it can power more (five outlets) but in real 2-3 boats is maximum.


Hey folks, very intrigued by the “magic” of DUSG as many mention in this thread. I’m eyeing a RS* euro one for sale, but it’s an MKI. Anyone feel strongly that it’s worth paying a bit more for the MKII up front?

From what I can tell MKII improves on it’s ability to act as a sound source. I’m not sure I’d use it as such so much, but I’d certainly want to have the option. Anything else y’all are aware of or have observed?

Thanks in advance!


I have not compared the R*S euro DUSG mk I vs mk II. I have a mk II and in my opinion you shouldn’t downplay the module’s usefulness as an oscillator…it actually works and sounds fantastic as an oscillator. Esp. if you are comparing it to other euro modules that borrow features from the DUSG and might function sort of as an oscillator, the DUSG really is an oscillator.

I mention this because I thought before I started using it, “oh, maybe it might be fun as an oscillator but probably won’t sound as great as a dedicated oscillator.” I was very wrong.


and works well as sub oscillator


Speaking with someone about trading a Plumbutter for an m-class Mayhem panel. Curious what would be good to pair with it/whether or not the R*S 4u modules would work well in the same boat. Does anyone have experience with that?


I used to have a Mayhem m-class panel, and have had numerous single STS m-boat configurations. The Mayhem is cool, but a bit of a tough sell though paired with only one other m-class in a single boat, and would likely be more useful in larger systems, unless of course you have very specific needs that I may not be aware of.

I don’t have experience with 4U Random Source stuff, and from their website I can’t tell how easy it would be to mix and match manufacturers. Maybe the Random Source folks can confirm, but it seems like the R*S modules would work much more cohesively with other 4U Random Source modules in their own boat.


It will work from a technical perspective, but I’m not sure how the size will line up with the boat or m module. If there’s enough physical space it should be find. The powe requirements should be the same, you’d just need to make power cables with the right connectors.


another friend who has a good bit of both STS and RS suggested two of the RS 4x4 modules should fit in a boat along with the m-class and power. We’ll find out! Going to do the trade; excited to dip my toes into the Serge world. I have had front panels for a BOG and MARSH for years and hope to build them, thought that might be a little ways off.


Yes, it looks like that’ll work. I should’ve read every bit of the site before commenting.

A friend of mine ordered some 3U R*S Serge stuff a while back and I must say the panel build quality was very nice.


You can’t perfectly mix & match 4x4 RS modules and STS M-Class modules in the standard RS Boat (RS4 or RS4P).

The STS M-Class module without its associated “Obelisk” power distribution panel is slightly less wide than a 4x4 RS module, so you’d end up with an ugly gap between the two.

But if you add the “Obelisk” power distribution, there’s not enough width left to fit a 4x4 RS module.

If you want to mix and match M-Class and 4x4 without gaps, you must use the extra-wide Shallow Boat XL (RS6). This will hold two M-Class plus Obelisk and two 4x4 modules.


Quick q, Wolfgang - love your 12u! Any chance you could share the height and depth dimensions of your case? Sorely tempted to steal your design, if that wouldn’t be out of order!

And totally concur with your suggestion of critical modules, FWIW. I had 6 slopes in my first three boat system - DUSGs for the win!


Thank you!

Sure, this is my drawing I gave to my woodworker 2 years ago. It worked for him, put please understand I can’t take any responsibility these measurements work for anybody else. I basically used Apple’s Keynote (a presentation application, of all things!) to do the construction and get the measurements.


That’s a way better answer than I was expecting!! Thanks so much!


My pleasure – please post some pics of your system once it’s done (cat is optional).


Nice! A Serge thread! I felt a bit done with Eurorack last year and when I found 12U of 19” rack space to fill in my synth wardrobe, I decided to sell some stuff and try out a Serge. After a while of researching I landed a good deal on the CGS BOG, MARSH and SWAMP trifecta and wow … I feel I learned so much from those and the way of playing modulars has changed quite a bit because of it. The patch programming concept and the unique modules in the panels were wonderful things to discover!

Here’s a YouTube playlist with tracks I made:

… and this is still one of my favorite Serge videos on the internet by another YouTuber:

Inspired by it, I also tried myself at a self-playing, musical patch:


Can I join the Serge gang? :smiley:

Just learning this thing but of course already thinking about what to put in those empty spaces. Thinking to maybe add a DSG straight away, would be keen to hear what people think about the XL vs the version with the CV processor in a small system like this.

And then… Divide & Compare? Quantizer? Shoehorn some Eurorack in?!