Serge thread


maaaaaan i was just thinking about how useful it would be to have a tuner in norns


Bam! It’s in dust :smile:


I just finished a DUSG XL and love it. The added outputs and built in logic are really nice.

With a single boat and the panel you have it really depends what you feel is missing. The panel doesn’t have a full DSG, so that would be my recommendation.

In Serge land you can never have too many DSG’s :slight_smile:


I don’t have a Serge (one day), but what about filling one of the spots with the Resonant Equalizer? I hear good things about it.


I’m looking for some more precise CV control to add to my Ciat Lonbarde instruments. Thinking of a Random Source Edelweiss II in superslim XL boat with TWF/Ring and a VCFQ/mixer added. Any verdicts on this combination?


I’d say it’s a winner.


I think a DUSG would really benefit your rig. Divide and Compare is rad also but SSG and DUSGs can get you there (and more probably) - just depends on which mode of travel you prefer, so to speak. I’d recommend the Res Eq but it’d be overkill with the WM you have there. I wish he’d reintroduce the ResEq in a 4x4 with the Ring and Preamp Detector - would be like a mini Soup Kitchen.


I would totally buy that 4x4. Maybe I’ll see if the Loudest Warning would build me one :slight_smile:


anxiously awaiting an obelisk to power the Mayhem I received a few weeks ago.
future Serge plans have solidified but will have to wait until I finish building a Deckard’s Dream (should get the pcbs tomorrow partyhat): a while ago i built a number of CGS euro composite panels when someone on Muffs was making face plates. 2 DUSGs and 4 (nonCGS) CLee VC Res LPGs. They had there problems and I ended up abandoning them for a number of reasons (as well as a 2x wave multiplier and steiner vcf that were stuffed but never wired to a front panel). I plan to circle back around to them and make a couple of front panels to the Loudest Warning spec for the stuff that I have, then having that as my Serge system for a while. should be great/lots of fun/lots of work!


Res EQ is magic in a box.


Yes definitely thinking more control/modulation options rather than audio processing (although I know many of these modules do both). Think I better get started on that DSG :slight_smile:


I created two threads over at the Muffwiggler forums, explaining (or attempting to explain) the
CGS Modulo Magic:

…and the CGS infinite Melody:


Holy shit, Serge himself is now Chief Innovation Officer at Random*Source and will be working with them to develop the 5th generation of the Serge Modular System:

“I’m excited to work even more closely with Ralf and the RandomSource team as we share the tech savviness, obsession with quality and constant urge to push limits further. The main goal is to expand the range of modules and sub-modules that lend themselves to being “patch-programmed” in unusual and unforeseen ways, thus to add to and expand musicians’ studio synthesizers way past standard synth configurations. I’d like to see the Serge system to grow wide and large, modules all talking to each other, whether they originated in my Hollywood lair in '75, or in the '80s on Haight Street, or now, coming from RandomSource.”


oh my that it is potentially the biggest synth news ive heard in a very long time!


They posted a pic of his business card on IG and I thought it was a joke. Awesome news!


And I just filled my last boat…


Hi Emenel,
i’m currently researching for a diy random source 4u build, do you have any bom’s you could kindly share? I’m looking at the DUSG XL to get started… then i will probably go for a DONKS. I made some complete euro kit’s before, i’m fit for soldering but not so good at figuring out all the components, the pdf’s on the random source site are not super clear (for a beginner anyway). Thanks!


+1 for this! 20 chars


Unfortunately I don’t have clean BOMs because I ordered parts for a number of modules at once…

What I did though is go through the PDFs and add all the parts to a spreadsheet for all the modules I wanted to build, then use that for a Mouser order.

For the DUSG XL you need basically the same parts as the standard DUSG plus some extra bananas, that’s it as far as I remember.


curious to see where this goes for sure! also happy to see that at least R*S is on the panel mount trend, wiring panels is what put me off of DIY Serge type stuff a while back.