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“I seem to remember reading that Serge’s response was essentially “Sure, whatever” – he didn’t care much about that stuff at the time.”

It was quite the opposite actually. Serge was tired of people stealing his designs and making money from them without so much as asking him. It was only because I was willing to pay GOOD royalties per board, and not “rules lawyer” him out of what he was due that we could proceed. Fair is fair. It is Serge’s IP after all.


Thanks for clearing that up Ken, and my apologies for misinformation above. I have edited my post so as not to mislead anyone who comes to this thread in the future.


I saw your question while browsing through this thread. Yes, I have some info about Charlemagne’s drone machine. A few years ago I restored it for a concert of his.

It consists of two identical panels, each with a Buchla 295 octave filter bank, some mixers and four oscillators designed by Serge Tcherepnin. Every oscillator outputs a sine-like waveform, a triangle, a pulse and a sawtooth. There’s a pot for the pulse-width, a 10-turn frequency pot and a 4 position switch to set the scale of the frequency pot. No voltage control.

A photo of the front panel:

Bottom right: the controls of two of the four oscillators
Above that: mixers to mix the four waveforms of each oscillator
The 16 mini-jacks bottom center: the oscillator outputs for the 4 oscillators of this panel
Bottom left: mixers
Top left: the 295 filter bank

The description of the 4 Buchla band pass filters and the 16 ultra-stable oscillators does not completely fit the panels I restored, so maybe he also had another Serge-Buchla drone machine.


sort of embarrassing question but I’m hoping someone can identify the Serge paper face in the image below? I think I found in on the net somewhere ages ago and then used it in a presentation but now the presentation has been made into a video and I need to attribute a source to the image. Strangely I can’t find it anywhere even with a reverse google image search.

Any help much appreciated if you recognise it!

serge paperface

It looks close but not exact to a 1974 system Serge Modular Music Systems
Have you asked on the Serge or 4U FB groups? Serge himself is in former and Ken Stone in latter.

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Thank you I’ll inquire there!

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Bananafied this TKB for a friend.
Was originally the 3.5mm version, but he’s since switched to SERGE :slight_smile:


For Bandcamp Friday, could I get some recommendations on serge exclusive records doing that nonlinear, feedback thing? I like what I hear around the forums, but don’t know of any artists to check out…

Thanks in advance.

You can hear an obvious live recording of this from six minutes into the B-side of my first record. Though there’s Serge recordings on all my other albums too.


I’ve made an album recently completely made with Serge Feedback Systems. It was a life changing experience.


This is a great one


Recordings by Emile Zener who also makes videos of cybernetics and Serge on Youtube:


Thomas is my favorite electronic composer at the moment. I’m trying to find all his releases. Very inspiring work!


Who is making new and interesting modules in the Serge format? Particularly interested if they follow the Serge philosophy of being patch programmable slash fairly atomic. I’m sure this is a case of me being an outsider looking in but it seems like non-Serge-designed modules I see are usually ports from other ecosystems.


@Gregory_Delabelle is! See this thread on MW


Need some clarification on something. I’m going to make adapter cables so i can send audio directly from the Serge to my audio interface. Since i already have TRS cables going from the R*S Stereo Mixer into it i don’t need to ground the adapter cables, correct?

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What type of adapter cables would you be making? Are you trying to use something other than a TRS cable to send audio from the serge mixer to your interface?

I love this album, for some reason it sounds great in my older Honda Fit.


I’m assuming you want to take additional audio output from a banana jack in addition to your stereo mixer and have banana to 1/4 adapters to go direct.

This in theory could work and honestly, I think if you’re just sending audio out to your interface and not dealing with CV, you could be fine not even having the TRS grounded cables from your mixer. But how well it works in practice is something you’ll have to try out. I thought I was being really clever by daisy chaining power supplies to share 0v and that worked well with control voltage but then I found I had to ground them all together by other means to get rid of a high pitch noise.

That is exactly the case, a couple banana-1/4 running along with the Stereo Mixer outs for multi-tracking. Thanks!