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Checking in to share three short videos of the same Serge Nielsen LW panel + Boss RPS10 mangle patch.


I haven’t seen anyone here mentioning Haible Living VCOs?
I’m getting one tomorrow and feeling quite stoked about it. Anyone got one and can calm me down and tell me ”yes, you should be stoked about getting it”?


I don’t have the stereo mixer but the ACPR is a great general purpose utility. My primary 3 (edit: 4) uses:

  • waveshaping with audio rate cv on the panning section

  • noise source - particularly the bottom noise for S/H duties

  • mixing pitch cv (never thought I’d get so much use from an octave switch)

  • edit - forgot the S/H noise source is also a great companion to NCOM to patch variable densities of random triggers.

It fits in nicely between the NTO and SSG and makes both of them even deeper modules.


Well, after I’ve got my Sidrax, I fell in love with banana cables. Since then I have been eyeing Serge panels. Firstly I’ve thought about getting La Bestia II, but it’s a bit expensive and I couldn’t find any used panel in Europe. But I’ve just found some used R*S 4x4 modules and a shallow boat. In this case I will have to start slowly for sure. The modules that I’ve found are Variable Q VCF / Stereo Mixer and the Carnivore. I’m thinking about adding TWS+ and DUSG later. I guess, instead of a waveshaper, wave multipliers would be much more versatile but unfortunately I couldn’t find a VCM here and to be honest I like the sound of the waveshaper and the feedback patches made with it.

But yeah, what do you think? I’m pretty new to Serge, so I’m open for any suggestions.


I think for a basic Serge intro, the must-haves are DUSG, WaveMults, VCFQ and SSG. You can pretty much do everything you could need to do (on a small scale) from that combo.


My plan sounds not bad then, right? I could buy the Carnivore (SSG + Noise + DSG mk2), Variable Q VCF / Stereo Mixer modules and then the DUSG from patch point. For the VCM I’ll keep checking if there is one in Europe.

Oh and I’ve bought a Lorre Mill DK V2 that I’ll use with this small panel.

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“Don’t ask.” :rofl:

Tile kitchen floor, Sing to Me panel opened up for repair, and one hell of a tail.

@qwoned wrote:

make sure you get a linear power supply if you decide to get R*S
I think KonstantLab makes one
otherwise you’ll get noise in the form of a ~10kHz squeal, because of the op-amps used in their Stereo Mixer

Interesting. I was unaware of this. Honestly, the switching solutions I’ve employed so far have been a mixed bag, and I’m almost entirely unhappy with one of them. However, it’s possible to buy modest linear, AC-DC wallwarts from Mouser (Triad being one of the brands), and I think I’m going to give those a try, replacing the switching laptop supplies I bought, before throwing this expensive hockey puck into the sea for all the instabilities it’s introduced to my rig.

(also, Konstant Labs’ boat anchor is rugged and reliable).

Just wanted to share this new (100% R*S Serge) release by @VicenteJr that I had the pleasure of serving as mastering engineer on:



New mini-4U panel from Loudest Warning (feat. a couple of new modules by Bagoly Synthesizer)

Basic idea is for it to accompany this one by THC as a portable 4U system:


I’ve been using my Double Knot II with a 73-75 voice panel and it is a lot of fun. Seems as though Lorre Mill and Serge go hand in hand. :slight_smile:


Hello, I posted about this tape in the Cassette release thread earlier, but figured it would also fit here :slight_smile: All music made on Serge, recorded at Willem Twee Studios 's-Hertogenbosch NL and at home. Happy holidays


Hey, I’m looking at a number of Serge DIY boards from Prism. Every BOM has a number of parts that are non-available, has a giant minimum order, or with a super long estimated lead time. I’m just looking at the Mouser BOM, and spent a few hours to find a few replacements for some parts but not all. Has anyone had any luck sourcing parts for these builds? I’m not an expert at DIY but I have completed a few mid level projects with no problems. I just don’t want to drop 600 bucks on a bunch of boards and have to wait a year or more for parts.

Aside from the odd obsolete component (CA3080s etc) you should be able to find everything you need if you shop around a bit or just search for similarly spec’d parts. If something like the TL071CPs are out of stock on mouser try doing a search for TL071 and look for the through-hole versions. Tayda is also pretty good.

Side note: I’m curious about the use of carbon resistors in the BOM. Are they just there for the sake of authenticity?

i’m indeed guessing carbon resistors are for the sake of authenticity. given the quirky nature of those old designs though, i’m happy to accept the higher tolerance, as i probably wouldn’t be going for paperface style modules if i was overly concerned about that

but indeed, as @kevin0 said, most of the parts should have equivalents if you poke around mouser or your preferred supplier of components.

i purchased two rounds of boards for my panel of Prism modules, spaced about 2-3 months apart, and Skylar seems to be good about updating the BOMs from time to time with substitutions for certain caps, ICs, and the like, but things like resistors are pretty easy to swap around on your own

Mouser has a “find similar" function, that works well for finding alternative components. You check off all the attributes that has to match, and it gives you all the matches. Especially easy to use for more fwbwroc stuff like resistors and such. Just be sure to check pins and also physical size, if it’s for a tight build.

This is one of the major downsides of publishing a mouser cart instead of a proper BOM: if the exact part the seller of the board used is out of stock, the customer is left unsure of what specifications actually matter when looking for alternative parts. Anyway… to help you a bit rather than just ranting:

Most of the parts are pretty standard and although there are terrible shortages these days you should be able to find them pretty easily. For resistors, anything 5% or 1% tolerance and 1/4W or higher power rating, in the right resistance of course, is going to work. For trimmers you might need to hunt a bit to find alternatives that have the same footprint as the PCB but you should be able to do that. For ICs, there are a lot of standard op amps used and the details are not often critical, e.g. you can replace UA741 by LM741 or even TL071.

You’ll be able to get good advice on substitutions on the DIY forum on MW, or ask specifics here too I guess.


Thank you gentlemen! This was all very helpful and I think I can rip back into it with a game plan for getting what I need. It is a bit difficult to figure out what specs are critical for substitutions… But I think I have a good starting point now.

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I really enjoyed this! Care to talk about the recording process at all? It feels like there are several shorter pieces/movements within the larger recording so I’m curious how it came together.


@Pineyb Not sure your location, but be sure to check out some of the smaller/regional suppliers like Jameco, shipping does add up when using multiple suppliers but if they have what you need without head scratching it can be worth it. EDIT: Also these SMD to DIP adapters can be handy: SMT Opamp Adapters


Thanks, that’s great to hear! All of the music are live takes, be it at the studios or home sessions. The tape is compiled of selections from these recordings, some material from particular patches return elsewhere.

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