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Very, very nice, thanks for sharing!

Being new to feedback (but super eager to dive in) and having 0 experience with serge (I have a eurorack system), could you talk a bit (or as much as you want) about how this is made, like both the “overall technical/semi-technical/strategy”, but also which modules, how it was performed, how it was recorded (one pass/layered) and such?

Edit: just read the liner-notes, that gives some background information. However I’m still hoping for more :slight_smile:

Thnx for the positive words! I have recorded a diary of live performances with feedback systems on my youtube channel, including the tracks from the album. You can see there how the whole project evolved. Here’s the link for the first video but if you search my channel you’ll find 8 of them.

Feedback systems can be extremely simple and complicated at the same time. Creating them might take a few cables but also a few months to tune right. For me, feedback systems involve philosophical questions about balance, chaos, creativity, spirituality, nature and technology. I’m planning on revisiting them soon again.


When you have a jack to jack cable connected from the stereo mixer to one input of your audio interface, the other cables can be banana to tip of jack.
I usually buy very long (same price then short) Pomona banana cables and cut them in half to make those adapters to jack.


Am I allowed to submit myself? :smiley:

Things like the VC SLEW in this panel I made are ground-up redesigns of Serge-esque concepts whereas the sequencer is an extension of a Serge idea (nstep sequencer)


Hey all, so I had some gear stolen a few weeks ago. Sucks, I know… but insurance came through. I’m leaning towards having a LW panel built for me, prob a Sing To Me variant. For those that have had these built, any tips, issues, things you wish you had added?

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I have Silverwords. Looking back I would have got something else in the 1" space that the 2nd filter lives. For me it would be a LPG, Serge quantizer or Ring (Sing to me).

Charlies panels are a blast and you can do some interesting build fo sure. Sometimes they get a little tight but thats the price of having more features! Don’t Rule out going with a boat of LW format modules vs a panel. Again, looking back this would have let me change out that 1" space.

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I was looking at Silverwords thinking the same thing about that filter, and having an LPG there instead.

I just picked up @ntrncr ’s Sing To Me, and it has a DUSG where most have a Dual Transient Generator. I’m new to Serge Land, but found that module super useful, as Maths gave me a mental framework for working with it from the get go.


I think I’ve posted a photo, but I have a DTG from LW that has a physical switch to cycle the left, and a voltage switch/jack for the one on the right. I wouldn’t do it any differently.

@G4B3 If by “Serge format” you mean 4u, powered by -12v/+12v and banana, there’ve been a fair few designers out there: Craig Lee; Dustin Stroh/J3RK; Hollasynth; Slightly Nasty; Batchas/Scrotum Lab; Uglysound’s Ian Fritz panels, and so on. And of course there’s @hale’s covetable stuff. Most of these produce modules in Loudest Warning’s format. (this used to work)
Synth DIY Boards
Uglysound Ian Fritz Timbre Tantrum & Chaos Theory 4U Serge | Reverb


Thanks for the rundown! Going to look all of these up.

I’ve been curious about DIYing a serge boat this winter and had a question for those of you with LW panels like the Sing To Me, etc - how much additional functionality do you get from the integrated panels vs building a system with the same modules but individual pieces?

I think this winter I will take the plunge into Serge with a Loudest Warning formatted boat, as I’ve been bitten by the bug but my budget doesn’t quite stretch to a full panel build. Seems like LW offers pretty much everything you might get in a full panel as a separate project, but kinda wondering how much you’d actually miss from his custom panels vs doing it yourself.

So I just bought a whole boat and a half of Loudest Warning individual panels from a guy on Modwiggler. They have yet to arrive but I’ll let you know. As one would guess it came in considerably cheaper than a new panel direct from Charlie. Before that I had six 4x4 panels of Random Source, but that was stolen in a theft. I am excited because not being locked into a single panel allows rearrangement of those smaller panels, and if decide to try my hand at diy it will allow for a slow growth.


I would for sure go modules based on your situation. Full panels might be less money in the end but you will have to pay for all that in one shot. Modules will let you move slower and make changes if you decide you dont like your setup.

I went thru a phase of buying every LW module that hit reverb and the forums and may start to pass on some of the duplicates and units that I don’t enjoy. Again having the ability to try some modules and not have to be forced to live with them or the layout has been nice.

I dont DIY myself but I am a big fan of the network of builders. It’s not as “instant” as buying 3U stuff from the big box euro shops but its cool to chat with your builder about your next module!


You can stick more into a full panel, and likely pay less for the whole thing. But it’s a big old up-front cost and quite a commitment, and if it ever needs servicing (ask me about the day my Sing To Me met my puppy), you could find yourself without your main axe for a while.


Cool patch! and nice feed.

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Thinking about doing some Pulsar 23/Sing To Me cross-patching tomorrow…are Serge systems generally safe up to +10v?

Yes sounds good, iirc the hot coupler is +/-10v anyway.

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Excellent. Thanks Charlie!

Update: nothing exploded. These two instruments pair quite well; lots of complimentary tools.

I’ve been watching the La Synthese Humaine cybernetics videos on YouTube to try to get a better handle on feedback patching. While this is great I would love a written source of information- does anyone know of any patch books or guide books to feedback patching in Serge? So much to learn in this topic.


the stuff demonstrated in those videos isn’t Serge-specific. it’s more important to understand the principles behind why certain I/O configurations generate chaotic processes and what is required to do so. I’ve found the following papers explain these things well enough to extrapolate toward modular synthesizers: