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hi everyone (and happy new year!) – uploaded some Homebuilt sounds again for anyone interested:

most of these (I think) feature audio through P&T in some form (for instance the trebly distortion in the first one); also getting back into “programming” weird little note-sequences (trying to dig deeper into that stuff), and still routing reverb output through other things (the short clip in the middle). currently saving up for two more panels, but I still feel there’s so much to be made out of just these two…!


MC Escher staircase generator


Man… you always inspire me to get more out of my little system! And I still really like putting these demos on in the background while I work. Huge fan, thanks for sharing again!

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thanks so much for the kind words! I’ll make an effort to do these a bit more regularly this year, maybe that would serve an impetus for me to finally arrange more time for patching…

also quite excited to see that Philippe Petit has just acquired a Homebuilt – he’s been posting stuff on his Soundcloud page, definitely recommend that to anyone interested in hearing how these panels sound!


hi all - could use some help. I am about to buy a Serge TKB 70hp touch keyboard module. I need a standalone case for it so I can use it with different rigs.

I see some places sell it with a case, but can’t find the case on its own. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Do we have any other Loudest Warning fans here? If so, I’d love to hear about your second panel. I have a sing to me, and am starting to think about a panel with some sequencing/processing capabilities.

I like a lot of what’s happening here: Loudest Warning: Photo

What tools have opened up Sing to Me for you, or allowed you to expand your approach?


I run an Angel Of the Morning panel with my Silverwords. Total blast of a panel! If you like “tricky” sequencing, Logic, Switching ect. then this sort of panel is endless fun. I find myself thinking about strange patches with it while not in front of the modular. I will most likely pass this guy on to someone else soon as I am working on a new version right now with some slight changes based on what I have been getting into.


I’m a fan! Thats my panel! Haha. I just recently received it in the mail and I’ve really enjoyed using it, but have yet to really dig-in in a meaningful way. The reference for that panel was the bottom panel here, with a couple adjustments that Charlie recommended. I’ve been using the sequential switch on mine as a sequencer. I have yet to really dive into all the logic stuff, but I’m happy it is there. I have a boat of modules from LW as well, with a 4U O_C, which has been really exciting to use as a quantizer. Happy to answer any questions!

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Nice! yea the seq switch is what I want. I find I don’t use the 3 stage section a ton and would much rather have a seq switch. I like your sequencer panel layout…
I also have a LW O_c but honestly have never used it! It would cover a lot of ground but I just don’t do so well with such modules. When I use Serge I like the cables and knobs to be the extent. If anyone wants an O_c let me know!

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Ah, wonderful! My biggest question/interest is the combination of the sequencer/programmer with the sequential switch. Seems like that could be a ton of fun.

The other thing I’m considering is trying to squeeze in another vcf

I too have struggled to work logic into my workflow in a meaningful way (in euro land at least). I always just end up making beats with it, which is entirely useless in my current pursuits :joy:

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Charlie is cooking up this to pair with my Silver Words panel. Pretty much locked down but might have a few minor cosmetic tweaks.


This panel reminds me that there are so many options out there that I’m clueless about! What is that time processor? And is that a sloths tucked in by the mix pro? Brilliant!

Have you used the ASR much yet? I just got one last week and am setting up a 3rd boat this weekend. Been thinking about what tricks to try with my AOM. I have one in 3u in a Verbos module and you can do funky things sending it a sequence that goes to modules like the Harmonic Oscillator. I’m guessing it will be cool with dual 258s?

The VCTP, VCFS and QBPR are all Bagoly modules. The TP is a VC delay module. Charlie’s squeezed a VCA into the top.

I’ve got VCTP on my wishlist in Charlie’s inbox!

Yes. Triple Sloths lurking across the panel. Gave up a couple of the Z outs and the Difference outs and no knobs for CV control, but kept the heart of it and the VC inputs.

The seq/programmer and the seq switch, along with the clock divider, are actually a few things I really wanted in this panel. For a while I had a euro-serge system with a couple doepfer utilities, including a sequential switch and divider, and really enjoyed making polyrhythmic sequences with those and the 8-step euro-serge sequencer. There is definitely a deep line of patching which I’ve enjoyed using those components. I tend to throw some logic in as an afterthought to “spice a patch up” but rarely build a patch around it–would be good to try! In my other boat I have a VCFS which I like–but I can’t shake the feeling I want another VCFQ.

@pagoda ,I have used the ASR! Its a great one. My applications have been pretty typical, to create simple melodic results or whatever. I find it is an exciting one to pair with the SSG, because there is a sort of similar but different “sample and hold” vibe. It sounds like an exciting idea to use it with the dual 258s! It is exciting to think about the potential of just how precise you can get with your results when using the sequencing panels.

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100% agree on the sequencing potential on these. Like i was saying, I’ll be at work or in the shower thinking about some way to use part of it in some extended crazy patch. As for a 2nd VCFQ… yea, you want more. I typically have a minimum of 2 in use if using 2-3 panels. Use it as a filter on a voice, Ping two more for a drum kit. I’d like to have the TAU phaser for more pinging in LW format but R*S has it locked up.

I haven’t sat to do it yet, but I can imagine a really precise patch where one utilizes all the logic, switches, dividers, etc, to create interestingly timed arrangements or something. Sigh! Looks like I’ll have to get another :wink: . What you’re describing with the Tau phaser and R*S is actually why I couldn’t get the actual serge sequencer module (with the buttons) in my panel!

Hi there !
I’m new in the LW Serge heaven thanks to a second hand (2018) Sing To Me that I’ve just buy :slight_smile:
Totally in love with the sound of the two 258 osc