Serge thread

I think trying to hide the 0ctrl has a very good chance of making it stand out even more. Particularly given how the touch plates are a part of the original panel.

(Unless you can do an aluminum panel that seamlessly integrates a custom touch plate insert that replaces the original :sunglasses: (but the layout still won’t match the logic of the serge, see previous paragraph :man_facepalming:/:woman_facepalming:))

Adding a 1u rail, maybe connected to an internal wood divider seems like the most elegant solution, that way you solve the one-case problem and have a sort of play on U as a unit of measurement/format.

Custom cables from the 0ctrl to a format jumbler would be a must, maybe some sort of shorting bar? And if there is any space left it could house some NLC tiles that would probably be a rewarding addition!

I might have put davies knobs on the 0ctrl if it was mine since I find the texture of the rogan knobs unpleasant.

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