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Right, the DUSG pdf seems to list almost all the parts. Thanks for the hint!


Not sure if anyone would be interested in helping me but I’ve been stung by purchasing a euro random*source VQVCF. Bought it from a DIYer off modular grid but it transpires there’s an issue with the build, the builder is sadly having nothing to do with it and ignoring my communication.

Ralf at r*s is understandably unable to help but he has dignosed the problem believing it to be one of the op-amps going into self-oscillation, usually fixed with bypass caps. He thinks for an experienced builder it would be easy to locate and fix. However this is outside of my skillset (haven’t picked up a soldering iron since school). I wondered if there was anyone in the EU who would consider looking at it. Happy to pay for the time etc. Ping me a message if interested.


Thonk has full kits of the serge res EQ in stock again. Built one last night and put it in a doepfer mini-beauty case with mutable music thing ears. Everything works and sounds great, quite a unique piece. Since it isn’t a CV controlled module, it makes a lot of sense to me as a standalone processor.

The build wasn’t too hard, although at first I was a little confused about the pcb having different hole spacings for the capacitors to accomodate the different types of box and styroflex capacitors (both types I’ve never worked with). Also realized that box and styroflex types aren’t polarized, just electrolytic.


@Jonny, you’ve got me inspired.

I’ve been eyeing the R*S Wave Multipliers (eurorack format), but there aren’t any kits being sold at the moment. I was considering going the PCB + panel route, sourcing the parts on my own, but have gotten stuck due to lack of experience. any DIY I’ve done has mainly been kits and @trickyflemming being a damn saint.

I’ve done a lot of MW crawling and I’m coming up short on what seems like obvious stuff. If anyone can help me parse the BOM, it would be super duper appreciated.

So far, I’ve found:

I think I found the euro power header but it feels dumb to order this one small part from Germany – is there a domestic channel?

and then SIL header 8pol – idk what that means. some guessing got me here. the BOM says “precision strips” would be better, but I’m unsure how to track that down.

I can’t tell if R*S build stories deserve their own thread yet, but appreciate everyone’s patience with my n00b q’s!


If you can order everything from one source (e.g. mouser) you’ll save a lot of bother. Euro power header via mouser either here or here.

The SIL header you referenced is fine, although you could buy a 40 pin strip and break off what you need instead of 3 x 8 position ones. You’ll also need a header/socket; I think this should work. [the “precision” ones they refer to in the BOM are like this, I’ve used some in the past but can’t find the mouser part. I think I bought a bunch off eBay or aliexpress).

All of these mechanical things (euro power header, sil strip etc) you can order from Tayda (E.g. power header, sil header, sil socket; trimmer) which might be cheaper.

The only thing I’m not sure if they have is the switch. I know I’ve ordered a bunch from there before, but I can’t remember if it’s the correct sizing or not. TBH it’s extremely frustrating to order a BOM for pcbs & panel and find you’ve one part ordered wrong/forgot to order. Sometimes better to just order from one place instead of trying to shave a few bucks.

It shouldn’t be too hard a build, although random source boards need a bit of extra heat, so make sure your soldering iron is good. Flux will help a lot for these mechanical stuff like switches, jacks, connectors, power header, especially if you are using unleaded solder.


The Res EQ BOM was quite long, so I was relieved that thonk got the kits again. I almost assembled it on my own, pieced together from different threads. I found this on MW (it doesn’t have everything though):

Some of the parts near the bottom may be applicable to your build or others in the future.

Thankfully, most of the Random Source kits are mostly some pots, jacks, trim pots, and a few things. Once you figure out those, you’re in good shape. Tayda is great, btw, if they have your parts. Mouser / digikey / Thonk for the rest.

Another thing that I would mention is that when you put together the board ‘sandwich’, you solder the female connectors on the 1st board, put the male pins in, and then it is easy to solder the second board to those pins. Might be obvious to some people, but it took me a moment to realize this on the workbench.

I use a Weller iron and it’s pretty hot, no troubles there with the random source boards. I’ve been using rosin-core solder…but with a soldering fume extractor (don’t breathe that stuff in!)


rad rad rad, thank you @Jonny + @mutedial – wicked helpful!

here’s the mouser project I put together for the R*S Wave Multiplier BOM. all that’s missing are the Thonkiconn jacks and B50K 9mm pots, which can be ordered alongside the pcb + panel. plus, picked up some neat-o Davies 1900H clone knobs for system cohesion.

woo! excited to build in 2 business days.


Quick dumb question for those who have built the R*S DSG XL:
The instructions are written as if there is only one power connector but there are three across the two boards. Is the correct way of doing this to connect power to the larger connector on the main board and then chain the panel board from the smaller power connector?
Power > Main > Main > Panel ?


They are all just different options for power connection depending on how you are doing your power distribution. You only need to connect one of them to the power supply.


great, thank you! :+1:


just uploaded two serge (R**S) only tracks (very minimal)


Today’s fun experience: I handed the patch cords to five 11~13 year olds and walked them through their first patch on a Serge. Simple stuff:

   DTG (self trigger) ---> PVCO --(x3)--> MIX ---> VQF ---> OUT
                            DTG (self trigger) ----/

Endless fun with knob twiddling, and while looking at an Oscilliscope of the output.

End of class came and I had to physically shoo them out!