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I’ve been down this path too - not sure where I found this image, but it looks like has a bunch of paperface and STS panels:


Lots of crazy old and custom (from back when STS would do custom layout panels) stuff in there. He has a rare Pitch and Envelope Follower panel and an Ian Fritz graphic waveform vco panel. Plus god knows what else… what are the yellow (old paperface?) and black panels?

Scope the background of this vid:

Also my personal fav:


There is apparently also a black panel Serge at Cal Arts and the panels were created using something called Scotchcal.

Quoting CJ Milller from the above thread:

Yes indeed. I have done a lot of research into Serge panel graphics. Panels of this era were printed on a special adhesive aluminum film called Scotchcal. (I think there is still something sold called Scotchcal, but it is not comparable - their product names are confusing) Basically, it is a thin sheet of aluminum with a photoresist sheet. You apply the graphics to the photoresist and peel it apart. So if you get black, usually you’d keep the half with black text, and apply it to the aluminum. The aluminum with the graphics then gets adhered to the thicker drilled panel, and sealed over with a clear film.

What happened with black Serges is that they used the other half of the Scotchcal, the one which was solid black but with the letters, lines, and swooshes removed. So once this was applied to the panel you get black with the metal shining through for your graphics. They just did this on a lark, because they had the extra layers of Scotchcal. In theory, there could be a black counterpart for every silver Serge which used this process. But the black films tended to be discarded.


It’s also a safe bet that the Res EQ is a key O’rourke module. There’s a thread on mw somewhere where he says he tried to order a full panel of only Res EQs and that’s when Rex stopped doing custom builds - ha.


“Black Serge” made me wonder if it was Driscoll, which I only know about because a friend of mine has a couple panels, but clearly it’s not.


Hmm, anything’s possible. The panels Jim has resemble Serge, with them having the boxes around the different module sections. He’s been using Serge since the 90’s I think, so he’s probably picked these all up in a span of 20-25 or more years?


Those black panels in the picture @Jonny posted don’t look like Serge graphics, and it looks like they are 5u height. Not sure what they are.


Most of that stuff is Serge of various ages, some paperface, some early STS Serge custom panels, except for the black Modcan A modular, Fritz Panel and the EMS Synthi. That’s quite a collection of rare Serge stuff he has. I watched him play a live in Tokyo last November supporting Suzanne Ciani. It was difficult to make out what he was using. Here’s a clip I took


Of course! Good eye.


Looks like we have a match!



I haven’t found a single bit of information about this panel anywhere. Reminded me a bit of the Hinton SwitchMix that has been integrated into a few notable Serge-centric setups.


I’m a bit confused on power in Serge-land. I know Random Source makes a big PSU kit, that can power several boats. Are there other non-DIY power options for single boats that are cheap? I’m a bit surprised, given that there are multiple manufactures in eurorack format.


For eurorack format Serge modules just use a eurorack case and power… nothing special needed.

For 4U Serge there is the Random Source kit, as well as kits and built options from Elby, STS (pricey!), Konstant Lab, and Loudest Warning. Random Source also just released powered boats recently, with small switching supplies built right in.

The 4U stuff is also +/-12v, so you could use any eurorack supply with the proper distribution cables/board as well.

Edit to add — Serge has historically been DIY. So there is not much in the prebuilt category for 4U period…


Ah, thanks @emenel! I didn’t see that Elby had a PSU option as a kit (and standalone). Looks like a good option.


i would say not more then 3 boats (max 1,7A output from the powersupply)


Serge Modular FB group came through with the answer:


so sick :metal::metal::metal:


From someone in the group:

“It’s a custom digital matrix switcher. Actually pretty analogous to the Hinton one Thomas Ankersmit mentions but with the switching controlled by a computer, I think an old model Mac. I remember reading/seeing photos of these panels about somewhere online a while back. There’s loads of custom IO on that serge too, ADC/DAC functions and so forth. I wonder how much of it is still usable. An interesting one for sure, not surprised Mr O’Rourke grabbed it.”

More Serge weirdness here:


Does O’Rourke own that whole rig?

Edit: heh


Looks like it. What a wild rig.