Serialosc 1.2a / 1.3 issues

I’m a long standing user of serialosc 1.2a with no issues; but I recently got a new controller which is arduino based and I am running into issues documented elsewhere that connecting it causes 99% CPU usages from serialosc on my Mac (OS X 10.10)

I think my alternative is using serialosc 1.3 but when I install it the computer doesn’t recognise my monome (gs128) so I am back with 1.2a and the fan running all the time.

I’ve tried to follow the conversations about serialosc updates and look at the github and see if there’s an even later version of serialosc that I’ve missed, but I can’t quite get my head around it.

Any advice?

will has a new version ready to go, he was working on the installer yesterday. it should fix all the problems you’re experiencing plus several others you’re not, and implements a new monitoring system that many people will appreciate.

i’d send you just the raw files, but we’ve moved to a package and it’ll require removing the old serialosc and setting up a new launch script, so it’d be better to hold off a minute for the installer.

Wonderful. Thanks! Really appreciate that.

you’re in luck. crazy timing.

you’ll need to reboot after install.


Wonderful, thank you, working smoothly. My laptop fan thanks you.