Serialosc 1.4.1

huge thanks to @artfwo

recommended update for anyone having trouble with recent OS updates.


It looks like my Arc 4 can finally connect on Windows 10.

Max is connecting to the Arc and receiving messages. However, the Arc seems like it’s not properly responding to messages from Max. None of the lights are showing up on the Arc.

Is there anything that I should look at? I’m just using the standard arc_howto and arc_test patches in the Monome Max package.


Oh, I think I’ve just reproduced the issue with the grid too, looking into it.

UPD: Windows build looks fixed.


It’s super weird that my ARC4 (latest aluminium version) sometimes will be recognised as “xxxx i2c”, although several unplug-replug will fix that. Also Serialosc 1.4 and 1.4.1 constantly crash my max the moment i plug my ARC4 in… I’m now using FTDI 2.4.2 and Serialosc 1.2a and it stops crashing my Max but the recognition problem still exist. I’m on El Capitan. Anyone know how to fix this or has the same issue here?

email for a quick hardware inspection on the arc

Windows build looks fixed. @trickyflemming can you try downloading from the link above and see if there are any problems?

@artfwo Great! The lights are now fixed on Windows.

@tehn I’m now running into the light freeze bug where the lights won’t update after a few minutes of use. This is happening with capstarc (not EDW like usual).

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apologies, can you point me at the original issue?

There are a few reports in here:

I guess this is a bit different. What I’m experiencing is that the Arc stops receiving light updates and “freezes” its current light settings. It still sends out messages properly. So, there may still be a gremlin in the Windows Serialosc from the last patch.

meaning it’s working fine for you on macos with the same setup?

I haven’t run into the issue on Mac, but I haven’t updated that machine to 1.4.1 yet.

How long does it take the lights to freeze? What happens if you run another patch after the lights freeze?

fixed by uninstall FTDI driver and using the Apple one, serialosc 1.4.1


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I’ve got another windows build coming which improves network IO a bit. Would any of you guys like to test it against grids and especially arcs? UPD: PM me for a link.

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