Serialosc 1.4 / download

hei folks,

urgently need to reinstall serialosc 1.4 and can’t find the download link. i’ve had great difficulties with this, the last time i had to do so, too. the download-link provided in the forum doesn’t work ( and the package-downloader from only includes a 1.2 build.

any chance to make this more accessible (or me a little less stupid, if i’m overseeing the obvious)?

(edit: of course i’d be gracious for now if anybody could quickly host 1.4 for me somewhere.)

i’ve contacted will-- and somehow i’ve managed to erase my own copies of the installers while fighting the new mac os.

anyone else here have them handy?

i’ll get them properly hosted on github as binary releases and update the docs.

Downloaded this in August. Hope it’s still current. (328.7 KB)

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you guys are great – thanks a ton!

thanks! will get it posted properly.