SerialOSC installation Windows 10 64bit

Yeah it’s rather puzzling that all the people who were able to solve the problem don’t seem to have any idea how they did it! It doesn’t help much as to what I can try to do. Could it have something to do with Windows UAC? I know it’s disabled on my main computer for plugin wrapper issues, and that’s the only difference I can think of that would make a difference but it seems unlikely…

OK So what I found out is that some installers (can’t remember which because I’ve tried so many combinations…) install useless files, probably obsolete, in the “ProgramFiles/monome/serialosc” folder, and after they’re installed, even if you just uninstall serial osc and other monome applications, they stick in that folder, so you have to uninstall everything AND delete the monome folder. Once that’s done, just install bonjour and serialosc manually, check the monome/serialosc folder and make sure all you see there is “libmonome.dll” “serialoscd” “uninstall” and a folder called monome with 3 protocoles.dll in it. I don’t know if it’s making a lot of sense and it sure was a very unacademic way to correct the problem, but after hours of trying, I found it was the only solution to get serialosc to automatically run as a service at the start of Windows and detect my monome easily. Hope it helps.

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Just want to give another trace. Win 10 is installing a ftdi driver on its own. Maybe this Win Uac Version is causing troubles. :wink:

Adding this link here since the solution seems directly related to the problems reported in this thread.