Serialosc.maxpat won't see/talk to monome grid

Hello! I encountered this issue in the past, now it’s back…

I’m building a patch in Max 4 Live, and I can’t make serialosc.maxpat work in my patch. I tried editing the patcher, pasting it from the Grid Studies pack, and from working M4L devices such as Terms. All I get is a dropdown menu with “none”, or sometimes my monome appears but I can’t send or receive any message.

Now, I have put a serialosc.maxpat in the Max 6.1 / patches folder but still nothing. Is there a particular location where it’s supposed to be? Should I keep a copy in my device folder?

Please advise, this thing is driving me crazy!

I definitely had some frustrations with serialosc.maxpat inside of M4L devices. Often seemed to have to restart Live in order to re-activate the connection for some reason.

Yeah, I’ve been getting mixed results restarting Live… It sort of works now, I probably wasn’t getting the prefix right. Now, the new issue is that serialosc.maxpat works only in edit mode, so when I save the patch and close Max I still get the “none” message. Sooo frustrating! :pensive:

until these issues get sorted out, u may want to use the older serialosc.maxpat

i’ve never had the issues u described in m4l with this version.

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Thanks guys! It seems to run fine now, and that’s the latest version included in the grid studies. I also downloaded the version shared by elquinto, just in case.

@CrackaAttacka @elquinto:

Do y’all think this is a JS issue? I found it to be terribly difficult to pin down exactly what was going on (specifically because you can’t use the Max Console while a M4L patch is running and not being edited). If it really is a JS issue I’d be happy to rollback to the older version, but need to add/change a few things so it behaves identically to the new version with auto-connection etc.

I’m about to install 9.2 & run with Max 7 and see if that feels any more reliable. Thoughts / theories welcome!

not really sure, i haven’t used the new version much, but u CAN use the max console while a patch is running- right click on the device’s title bar and choose ‘open max window’

Thanks for that tip!

I had to revert back to max 6.1 in Ableton 9.2 because opening projects that contain my work-in-progress M4L device makes Live hang forever. Will check if it’s a particular subpath/device or just my live set.