Serialosc + pd?

hey y’all,

what’s the haps with serialosc and puredata?

I’ve managed to get this serialosc_pd patch loaded up, but it’s not really “working” – it connects fine, and i can toggle LEDs and see tilt data coming out of the tilt outlet. however, i’m a bit confused about how to get press data out of it. nothing comes out of the middle-left inlet, which is supposedly where presses come out.

And whenever i press a button, i get something like this in the pd window:

UNHANDLED: /mlrv/grid/key 1 1 1
UNHANDLED: /mlrv/grid/key 1 1 0

Is there a send or receive somewhere that I’m missing? Or do I need to change a prefix somewhere?

I also found PUMA in the old forum, which looks promising, but hasn’t been updated in a few years, and a mention of a forthcoming pd tutorial over here, but couldn’t find any actual links.


It seems you missed

Indeed - the link @sakul provided is your best bet. The included serialosc.pd reproduces all the functionality of the max version and doesn’t even require a UI (just connects to the first discovered device). Let me know if you have troubles getting it running (you almost certainly need pd-extended).

awesome. i had indeed missed that, and at a glance, it appears to be exactly what i’m after.

@galapagoose i’ll let you know if i run into any issues

thanks y’all!

The link provided in the pd studies to install serialosc doesn’t work anymore, can someone fix it or point me to the right page ?

I guess I was unclear. What I don’t know is how to install serialosc on Linux and if I need to download a serialosc external object for pd

based on some of your previous comments: do you want to install serialosc on organlle?
if so:

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Thank you very much plus some characters

oh sure, i just started with adapting a sample slicer for pure data and monome so if you want to throw in together [if that is of interest to you I’d love some help] but you install then you just run

sudo serialoscd and it runs well
then you can run all the studies no problem

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I left it a few months since i’ve used the monome with pure data. i’ve loaded the same patch i had working previously with the monome and pure data is saying upsend: not connected. I’m not sure what could be missing. im following the tutorial but it hasnt clarified why it might not be connecting yet?

the tutorial explains to go the monome installer ? “Download the monome installer:” but its just a link to the home page?

Is Pure Data extended still needed for Grid/Arc support these days or is there a way to get vanilla working?

i use vanilla. A minimal exemple:
The ports in netreceive/netsend are the ones defined in the .serialosc config file.

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Thanks @ermina! I’m having a little trouble finding a .serialosc config file on the Mac.

Figured it out by using the ‘send’ port shown (8000 in my case) in the monome home max patch.

So, for the past few days I’ve been exploring the state of monome + pd vanilla.

I found this to be super useful from @Nordseele :

I also got the grid studies working by replacing the routeOSC messages ala the above example from @ermina and installing the Cyclone externals using the built in Deken tool under the Help > Find Externals option in the newest version PD vanilla.

I have not found Pure Data Arc 4 patches, so if anybody has more examples, please let me know!

Also compiled and got these working for PD on Mac by installing liblo via Homebrew and updating the makefile to point to the PD src folder in the pd application package:

This means I’ve got Kria, Meadowphysics, White Whale, and Step working via PD – pretty fun.


I have been trying to do this too, but only managed to get some apps working within the monome grid patchstorage file,

But never got around to compiling the files from boqs github (dont really know how to do that)

Any chance you could share the compiled files?

Many thanks!

Here are the versions I compiled on my Mac, which is running Mojave. If you’re not using a Mac, these won’t work.

Put these in your ~/Documents/Pd/externals folder and try them out. You’ll also probably want to copy the .pd files from the main project as well for patch examples. If you’re got serialosc installed and running, things should work.


Hi @Jonny many thanks for sharing these! I got them working on my mac, and learned how to use makefile too, much appreciated!

hello hello -

since you said you got the grid studies working in vanilla, i figured i’d ask you - publicly for the sake of anyone else - about this snag i’ve encountered while trying to do the same.

i’m using vanilla pd and the vanilla version of serialosc. i can’t seem to get my grid key messages to pass through route object - even the initial [route 6 7] in the tutorial - and i’m at a loss. in general, i’m pretty confused about passing these routed grid messages around the patch. do i need to “set” each $2 $1 $3 et al message? can i do this at all without the cyclone library? i’m trying to use as few externals as possible.

am i missing when i should be oscparse-ing and oscformat-ing? i can get the x y z messages into the patch and i’m tracking them with blank message boxes, but i can’t get them into route and therefore into [pd toggles].