Serialosc + pd?

Sure, it’s a little weird to get working. I tried to avoid using externals, but Cyclone seems to work fine with vanilla and made it easier to adapt a bunch of patches. Here’s what I did:

  1. Replace the serialosc.pd file with the one that @Nordseele shared.
  2. Replace routeOSC messages with three route objects: ‘route monome’, ‘route grid’, ‘route key’.
  3. Download the Cyclone externals by going to Help > Find Externals (the deken browser) and searching for Cyclone.
  4. Fix missing Cyclone objects by using ‘cyclone/objectname’ naming that needs to be used due to the folder structure used with vanilla + externals. EDIT: I’m also reading you can add it to PD preferences > startup as ‘cyclone’ and it will be loaded.

Try these out and see if they work (I think they are the latest versions I modified on my machine). You’ll just need to get these in the same folder and install the Cyclone externals. On my mac, the folder is located in this directory when installed via deken and yours should look similarly:


grid-studies-3-4.pd (9.0 KB) serialosc.pd (3.5 KB)

I’m currently working on a few patches for Arc and Grid and hope to share down the road once I develop some tools I’m happy with.


thanks! i’m not really sure what i had been doing wrong, maybe i was getting hung up on seeing message output when i didn’t really need to see it yet, or hadn’t completed building what i needed to… i dunno. still have some problems with my workarounds - especially uzi, but i’m getting closer. i at least have led feedback of my toggles. i’ll share my work if i can solve these cyclone workarounds.

This thread has been extremely helpful and I’m almost up and running on windows. Based on ermina’s example, oscparse is not working for me. I get the error: “oscparse: no method for ‘monome’”

When I recreate the script without oscparse, it seems to work fine. What would oscparse be used for if it were working properly?