Serialosc update

a new version of serialosc is just about ready. there are some small improvements that will help with general use and installation, and some bug fixes.

  • new OSC queries to enable/disable serialosc
  • a separate serialosc-monitor app which is a graphical front-end for serialosc. see settings, change rotation, etc

paired with the new max 7.02 serialosc.maxpat, this will simplify and improve the grid connection experience.

also in the works is a grid-virtualization scheme, allowing a method for implementing robust grid splitting.

the mac version is done, and if you’re anxious you can build it yourself-- see the git repo. otherwise we hope to have installers ready very soon.


Hi. is this new js based version a complete replacement for the oct-14 version, or is this just a max 7 version?

very interesting news. how about grid spanning and emulation?

yes that’s the goal!

What’s the github URL? ?

My question as a newb is how I use this? Do i simply run the script once?

This is great news. I’ve been finding serial osc a bit unstable on 10.9.5. Hopefully this resolves with the new update.

Best of luck wrapping it up. :coffee:

still testing cross-platform. apologies for the delay.

unless you want to compile the dev branch yourself, i’d suggest waiting for the release installers.

Any progress on this? Maybe you could provide instructions for compiling from source for now?

i’m not going to provide complete instructions since there is the potential for many things to go wrong and it’d take me a very long time to cover all of the dependencies. there are basic waf instructions in the libmonome readme.

i may try to get the mac version posted prior to the windows version being finished, will hasn’t had much time lately.

also, just a note-- the currently available serialosc works very well. this new version is minor improvements helpful for debugging and knowing what’s going on.

Thanks for the info! I’ve had serious issues when using my Arduino-based controller together with the current serialosc since Mavericks. I was hoping this would be resolved with the new version?

Now the new website is live, it might be good to do a page on all the ways serialosc/monomes can interact with Max7/BEAP etc.

I remember a great serialosc video about how we can now use our grids in Max for input/UI stuff but not sure if this was ever formalised.

I’m looking at ways to bring my grid into my max patches and this would be a good way to start before learning the coding/scripting stuff.

didn’t stretta do a BEAP intro video?

i’m not sure what else to say about Max other than BEAP and the Grid Studies… what specifically would you suggest?

There’s a monome devtools patch you can download from the extend page on (hope I remember that correctly) which makes it all pretty clear imo. At least, that’s where I got started. It explains all the syntax for connecting to the grid (or arc) and sending/receiving commands to and from it. Pretty straightforward.

have you seen this?

thanks for the answers, I’m saving the grid studies page for when I’ve can devote more time to it, I’m still only 6 months into learning Max.

it was a expanded, written version of this that I was looking for:

just showing all the cool things you can now do with serialosc.maxpat & max 7 that are wired in under the hood.

I remembered seeing the video but then never saw anything further documenting this, perhaps its all hiding in the .maxhelp files in Max 7. I’ll have a look tonight.

Where can I find serialosc-monitor?

Ah, found this and it seems to do what I need:

uhm, i’m on max 6 and using a 2009 256 device, an older version of serialosc, mac yosemite and everythings working perfectly. is there a need or would i have any advantages if i upgrade to max7 and the new serialosc?

Was there a serialosc update? I don’t know where to find it. Is it only on the Github and you need to build it? Does it support encoders on 40h? Thanks!