Serialosc v. MonomeSerial for walnut 128+OSCulator+Pd+runtime?

Hello, I now have a computer after several years without one; I have resumed OSC routing a late 2000’s monome128, walnut+orangeLEDs w/ bus power into OSCulator+Pd.

Is my device (and all older device models) compatible with serialosc? Or, are only newer ‘grid’ models from the 2010’s compatible with serialosc?


Is MonomeSerial just an ‘old way’ of connecting to now-archived patches? Should it be used in place of serialosc for optimal routing with OSCulator, Pd?

Please feel free to share any other info or updates as I have been away from the scene for a bit. Seems like all the other serialosc threads determined that OSCulator and serialosc were not compatible at this time. But my question is if MonomeSerial is a sufficient work around?

*Factory OS X 10.11.5
*Installed serialosc first, then OSCulator+Pd+MonomeSerial
*No FTDI deletion required since it’s NIB Mac mini
*Successful ‘Test Mode’ in MonomeSerial, all 128 LEDs light up
*Successful udpreceive for /128/press/x/y events in PureData
*Successful routing of /128/press/x/y to port 8000 in OSCulator
***Unsuccessful: can not light any LEDs routing OSC from OSCulator back to 128 using MononeSerial listen port 8080. I used to be able to light the 128 using OSCulator in 2011 before serialosc.


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