Server upgrade for

some of you noticed server outages today.

disk space topped.

i’ve upgraded the server plan, which is on digitalocean. however, we’re now at $40/mo which is a lot. i’m looking for alternatives if anyone has suggestions, and/or may try to downgrade the server but add external storage, which is unfortunately not straightforward.

in the meantime, if you need great server space, i suggest digitalocean. use the lines referral code and you’ll help offset the cost of running lines:



I enjoy this little part of the internet a lot and would happily chip in a few €/£/$ a month to help offset the running costs.


Same. I owe a lot to this community


I wholeheartedly agree. I’d be more than willing to pitch in, either one time or something more regular.

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Yes, please do this:

I will happily contribute.

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Posting rarely here, but reading & enjoying it very much, so count me in for server cost donations!

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Pease set up a donation link for server costs!

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+1 (and another few characters)

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I would happily contribute as well.

i call dibs on february… i’ll cover february!

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…with this, I am sure there are enough people here that would contribute some small enough amounts, but on regular basis, to offset the $40 a month. Which, when spread among a bunch of people will be negligible.


Agreed. It would only take 40 people donating $1/mo …, fewer if some people donated a bit more.

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thank you for the most appreciated outreach and support!

but honestly i upgraded the server because i presently have no time to transition to a more affordable setup-- which will likely mean moving the server to a digitalocean zone which supports their new “blocks” disk storage. so the post was fundamentally to hear any feedback of alternative web services you all use (because i know many of you here are smarter than me about this stuff!)

some day i may consider a donate-to-lines system if i feel lines crosses a sufficient mostly-not-monome threshold.

which is also to say-- if anyone has suggestions for how to make this community even more inclusive and/or invite more varied discussion of other groups-- i’m always interested!


Normally I would have server suggestions, but you’re already two steps ahead of me. Digitalocean is good stuff.

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I think sticking with DO is a good choice. I know quite a few people working there and it’s a solid service with a great team behind it. You could probably find another service that’s marginally cheaper but I doubt the savings would be worth the time investment to move things over.


in my experience discourse hosting is just rather expensive due to the underlying tech, while phpbb2 et al were terrible, they were pretty low demand relative to the complex-ish [borderline wasteful of resources] rails stack that discourse runs on.

That said, as forum tech goes this is leagues better than what we’ve had historically.

Another +1 for donation if that becomes an option :slight_smile:


I was curious as to what was running out of space though - is it the actual DB, or is it Bloody Log Files? I’m aware it takes you away from mod_php on a box rather than a stack.

Beyond that - yeah, moving anything to detachable storage always takes time/config/faff which isn’t always something people have time for.

(I’m staggered at how many phpBB/similar forums just eat resources and people outlay more and more money to keep them alive; it seems like the most dreadful piece of software.)

indeed, i was going to ask, what kind of resources are needed ?
Is the discourse software currently deployed on a sort of PaaS, or on a dedicated server ?
Cause 40€/$ begins to yield some serious power on a dedicated machine, probably way more than needed for a forum software (even a modern one).

to be clear - not trying to backseat-sysadmin here, nothing more infuriating than that. just genuinely curious.

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This was the topic of a rather epic rant from eevee. Shared here purely for entertainment purposes.

But hey, that’s life at scale.