Set up advice please. Old walnut 128

Greetings Lines people. I hope someone here might have the time to give me a couple of pointers. Recently got hold of an old walnut 128 (non varibright) and is a lot of fun with the many available apps. I would however like to use it as a clip launcher/ sample chopper in Ableton 9 with Max 6. I believe that I need serialosc but cannot for the life of me find the correct thing.

Any good advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

serialosc is included in the installer:

Hey here,

you could use control and midi map the clips ti launch them. I think Edison works with follow actions in Lve.

Thanks Brian. I had actually installed this before but could not find an indication of serialosc or monome in my applications. I know I must seem pretty flipping stupid here. Sum is great fun. Cheers.

Thanks for that kza! This system is very unfamiliar to me at the moment.