Set up and Max 7?

Hi all, been away for a while from the monome. have downloaded max 7 and now nothing works at all? Still never really got my head around lots of things. back to old versions of max, but my question is: where is all the set up info gone now? On the old monome page I just get text on the page and can’t seem to navigate anywhere?

Welcome back!

We’ve rebuilt the majority of the documentation in an attempt to make it much simpler and more streamlined. You can find the docs here:, which is accessible directly from the homepage.

Once there click on on ‘Setup and Introduction’ which has a link to the installer that will get Serialosc setup and make sure the FTDI driver is installed if you’re running an older operating system. From there, Max 7 is the best bet as it already has the required monome abstractions included.

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