Sex positivity, word choice, and humor

a norns script named “Porns” created several rapidly proliferating discussion threads on the script topic and elsewhere. that script had its name changed; here is a new place to continue those discussions if needed.

warning: NSFW links below

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Eh…the name tho
I did a double take at the thread notification


while I think ethically produced pornography is a good thing and valid artform (a four chambered heart, anyone?), it generally carries pretty bro-y and negative connotations in the mainstream, and as synth stuff tends to be a “hurr-durr it’s just a joke” boys club already, I’m also not a fan of the name.


full disclosure:

  • i dislike the name of norns itself
  • can see why the author smashed the two together
  • hate for my first reply to a developer who is contributing great content to be about something as trivial as nomenclature
  • am likely to change the app name on my local device

but that is my opinion and not meant to be dogmatic or influence further discourse in thread

it looks cool!


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I personally thought that was quite funny…Its a shame that there is no room for a little humour here. The name has now already been changed



I’m a gay man in my late 40s who has never been amused by bro-y behavior and has seen plenty of intolerance and yet the name made me laugh and I did not connect it for a second to bro-y humour


I realized maybe I didn’t want my first norns experiment to be called Porns, might not quite capture what I’m about to do in the future with this ecosystem. We can still informally call it Porns, I like that name too.


My first look at the title was “oh a spambot managed to go through” but then it made me smile. Still happy with the rename though :slight_smile:

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init = function () 
  screen.text( "i put on my robe and wizard hat" )

I’ve no idea what you are talking about?

The project used to be called Porns, a kind of mashup of Pong & Norns. It has since been renamed to just Pong.

i still think it’s amusing because wordplay, particularly wrong-ish pluralizing. but pong it is, aka porns, aka pr0nz, aka bloodninja

i’m sorry this thread was derailed— glad you’re digging in @neauoire, thanks for sharing!


Yes, very happy to have @neauoire here! I love this place and the creative minds that have populated it. Thank you for making pr0nz! Norns is such an extraordinary playground!!


It was a solid pornmanteau.


What is this bro-y thing you all discuss? And the link to synths? My understanding of “bro” is just a very good friend. I don’t use it because I’m not in a 1980’s high school film but I wasn’t aware of the connotations, of what they are.

It’s a western USA thing (i.e. California). see definition #2 here

Ahh. And are jacked up truck driving 20 something bros a common creature in electronic music? Or did I misunderstand the comment?

Brostep is/was(?) a thing. So yes.

Like Skrillex etc? I googled.

I don’t see the connection. Unless it’s so thin as to be invisible.